Michigan’s Emergency Measures Bring Hundreds of Protestors–Some Well Armed–To Capital Building

Lansing, MI — Does anybody in power in Michigan think this is going to end well?  Democrat Governor Whitmer has bitten off so much more than she can chew, but shes seems totally oblivious to that fact.  In fact, she’s doubled down her game of stomping on the voters of her state.

Yesterday, hundreds of protestors again rallied around the Capital building in Lansing, MI. But this time, the protestors didn’t stay in their cars as they did in their first drive-in rally.

Instead, they were demanding access to the “People’s Building.”  You can hear them chanting, “This is the people’s house. You cannot lock us out,” in the clip below.

They were trying to gain access to the capital building because the legislature was inside, voting on whether or not to extend Governor Whitmer’s “state of emergency” order.  The people of Michigan have grown increasingly tired of the seemingly pointless rules that Whitmer has put in place.

Republicans hold both the House and the Senate in Michigan.  They had the power to stop Whitmer from renewing her emergency order that expired at midnight.

The protestors outside cheered to hear that not only had the legislature not extended Whitmer’s decree, but were actually bringing a lawsuit to challenge her authority to take the draconian steps she has.

Unhappy at being challenged, the Democrat governor shot back.  She issued a new order saying that the state was still in a state of emergency, and issued new 28-day states of emergency and disaster.

Check out some pictures from the event:

Not A Public Servant But A Master

One Democrat Senator, Dana Polehanki, saw these men carrying guns in the capital.  She was triggered by it and said, “Directly above me, men with rifles yelling at us. Some of my colleagues who own bullet proof vests are wearing them. I have never appreciated our Sergeants-at-Arms more than today.”

Pathetic.  She would have authority over these people but wants them to not have their rights?  So you want to be a dictator, with helpless subjects below you.  Thanks for making that clear.

One good father giving his child a civics lesson:

Michiganders are tired of having this tyrant as their governor.

We’re not sure where these quarantine protests are going to end, but we like the fact that tens of thousands of Americans are standing for their rights.

If they’ll stand for their right to assemble, to go to work, etc…even if they aren’t gun owners, they’ll understand why we fight for our gun rights.