PICTURES: Ten Thousand Michigan Citizens Gathered in Capital To Demand End To Shutdown

Lansing, MI — Unless you have relatives in Michigan to share their local news station, you might miss this awesome story from Michigan because the mainstream media is trying to bury it.

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Lansing, Michigan today in what organizers are calling #OperationGridlock.   They’ve rallied to protest the draconian measure that their Governor Whitmer has forced on the entire state.

They rightly object that these measure are killing their economy and putting hundreds of thousands of people in the poor house.

They planned the event entirely online, using memes like this one:

The event was one heck of a success!  Check out these amazing pictures:

The roads leading into Lansing were backed up for miles, while the downtown area was at a standstill.

Meanwhile, while the majority of the people stayed in their cars (it’s still cold up there!) there were more than a few armed patriots in the crowd.

Cruella DeWhitmer has made her citizens more and more angry in recent weeks.  The current ‘stay home stay safe’ rules include such insane stipulations as to make a mockery of the entire endeavor.  Some of those include:

  • A prohibition on traveling between homes–even your own second home or a relatives homes.  Keep in mind this is a state with more than 11,000 lakes.  Because of that, tens of thousands of people own lake homes and could get out of the urban areas.
  • Additinoally, operating motor boats or jet-skis, even if you’re alone, has been outlawed — though boats without motors are still allowed on lakes.   Sure, the people will get their canoes instead.  What a joke.
  • Queen Whitmer has declared that buying seeds for vegetables in a store or paint to do home repairs while you’re not allowed to work are illegal.  Keep in mind that Michiganders can still legally purchase alcohol, marijuana, and lottery tickets, which have been deemed “essential.”

We saw 20.000 gun owners rally in Richmond….hopefully these brave folks in Michigan are the first of many such events.  We’re damn proud of you, Michigan!