Gun Stores Brace For Another Run As Violence Sweeps Through Cities Nationwide Last Night

If you had told gun store owners in January what 2020 looked like, they might not have believed you.  But it’s a truth that’s been born out time and again: when society staggers, Americans feel better with a gun in hand to face whatever comes next.

We’ve mentioned how the threat of the Corona Virus — and the potential for food shortages and looting — had driven some of the biggest gun sales on record.

And now, as the entire nation has the worst cabin-fever in it’s history, the story of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has taken the spotlight.

People already felt like their government wasn’t listening to them.  Thousands were already protesting the shutdowns that cost more than 30 million Americans their jobs.

Now, tensions have exploded in cities across the country.  From Dallas, TX to Des Moines, IA and from Atlanta, GA to Columbus, OH riots small and large erupted last night.

Too Little Too Late

Minneapolis’ mayor has shown himself to be entirely unequipped to handle the responsibilities of leadership.  He’s essentially given the looters and rioters free reign of the city.

In a move so ludicrous that it was hard to believe, Mayor Alec Kinsky actually had masks distributed into the crowds of rioters yesterday afternoon.

Maybe next he’ll draw out a helpful map of local businesses so that looters can maintain social distancing while they violate personal property rights?

Governor Waltz said, “The terrifying thing is that this resembles more a military operation now as you observe ringleaders moving from place to place,” he said.  He admitted that he was not prepared for the size or intensity of the crowd.  “I will take responsibility for underestimating the wanton destruction and the sheer size of this crowd.”

He made it clear that the crowds and violence have been shocking, and that there was no way for for authorities to anticipate or prepare for such an onslaught.   “There are simply more of them than us,” he said.

But the fever has spread.  Months of being cooped up added fuel to the already simmering fire.

Guns Guns Guns

Americans realize they’ve never faced anything like this before.  Widespread protests are one thing, but looters who are leaving their neighborhoods to loot the suburbs en masse is another.

Tens of thousands of criminals have been released from prisons.  Police aren’t responding to many types of calls at all and are depleted or exhausted in many cities. Food shortages haven’t materialized, but they loom in people’s minds as a real possibility for the first time in their lives.

It’s on the citizens to protect themselves, their families and even their businesses. Civil unrest in the form of riots shows law-abiding citizens just how few cops there are when you need them.

Look for another bump in gun sales, starting right now.  Guns and plywood are going to be the next ‘toilet paper’ for 2020.