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Gun Sales Continue to SOAR, Up 71% In April After Record Breaking March

The numbers are in and April was another record-shattering month for gun sales in the United States!  The NSSF released the latest numbers yesterday.

Gun sales in April topped out at 1,797,910 guns.  That number is 70% higher than last April.  As the Corona Virus saga drags on,  Americans remain concerned that a period of social unrest may still be coming.

Together, March and April are some of the highest numbers on record–back to back!  March saw 2,583,000 guns sold–that number was 85% higher than in 2019.  Add up March and April and Americans have purchased more than 4.3 million guns in the last two months, alone.

The NICS system has tracked gun sales since it was implemented in 1998.  The week of April 13-19 is now ranked in the top ten biggest weeks for checks since the system began.  That week saw 766,739 checks sent through to the FBI.

Self-sufficiency Is Having a Comeback!

Additionally, the data indicates that handgun sales are outpacing long-guns by significant margin.  This goes to show that more Americans than ever are turning to handguns for self-defense in a time of uncertainty.  Simply put, if the cops aren’t coming, you need to be able to take care of yourself and your family.

Still, as meat packing plants close across the country and some of the countries largest grocery stores announce rationing of meat, maybe those long gun sales will go up as hunting for food makes a comeback.

We told you about the staggering sales in March, and we were hopeful that April would show a similar trend.  As the anti-gun crowd complained that increased gun sales would lead to increased gun violence, we didn’t think the data would be on their side.

And now, with nearly 4.3 million guns sold in 60 days, gun crime isn’t up anywhere…except maybe Chicago.

Carry on!

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