THESE U.S. Senators Used The Corona Virus As Cover To Push Their Gun Control Agenda

Gun owners have watched as state and local authorities have tried to use the Corona Virus to suspend the Second Amendment.  From Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania to a tin-pot dictator Sheriff in Los Angeles County, little tyrants have tried to close gun stores, prohibit the sale or transportation of guns, stop issuing permits and more.

Things got better once the Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security issued guidelines saying that gun stores were ‘essential infrastructure’ and shouldn’t be closed.

But on April 2nd, several anti-gun senators sent a letter to the big wigs at the FBI and the BATFE and demanded they immediately implement stiffer gun control.

The letter was sent by United States Senators Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.).  The three leftists complained that Americans had been rushing out to buy guns by the millions in the days leading up to the Corona Virus scare.

To them, the very fact that Americans were arming themselves was terrible–something that must be stopped!  You can read the whole letter here.   They were unhappy that so many Americans were buying guns to protect themselves and their families if the Chinese Virus succeeded in destabilizing our society for any length of time.

These powerful legislators were leaning on the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to pass gun control measures –under the guise of an ’emergency’ situation.

Anti-American To The Core

As more and more Americans realized that the government couldn’t protect them, the anti-gun crowd realized they were losing their grip on the minds of Americans.

Senator Blumenthal all but whined when he said to the press, “…there is no reason that Americans need more guns at a time of COVID-19 than they did before​.”  He went on to say, “…My view is that retailers selling guns are not an essential service​.”

But poor Blumenthal couldn’t convince Americans not to buy them, so he tried to get the FBI and the ATF to make it more difficult to buy guns.  Did you get that?  When Americans are facing uncertainty on many fronts, this U.S. Senator wanted to make the process of buying a gun even more difficult and intimidating than it already is.

Two Ways to Gut The Second Amendment

How did he want to do this?  They were asking for two things.

Firstly, remove the provision allowing Federal Firearms Dealers to go ahead and give the purchaser their gun if the NICS background check hasn’t come back in three days.  Essentially, NICS has three days prove that a citizen is disqualified from owning a gun.  If they can’t prove that in three days, the dealer is allowed to go ahead and sell the applicant a gun.

Blumenthal and his cohorts wanted to do away with that wording.  Instead, if the NICS system didn’t come back in three days, they would just have to continue waiting.

And of course, Blumenthal was not unaware that the NICS system was so bogged down with applications that it was timing out and taking well over three days for thousands and thousands of gun owners.

Blumenthal would have weaponized the FBI’s own inefficiency to penalize gun owners and prevent them from buying guns!

Secondly, because these sales were unprecedented and often to first time buyers, Blumenthal urged the two taxpayer-funded bureaus to retain the purchasers data and personal information for much longer than legally allowed.

That is, Blumenthal was urging them to create a gun registry database.  After all, if you’re storing millions of American’s names and information from the NICS applications, you’ve  made a list of gun owners.

Current law has strict ‘record destruction’ rules to prevent this very thing!  For example, right now, the FBI is required to destroy those records after 90 days.  Blumenthal and the other Senators who sent the letter wanted to double that to 180.  And even then it was still up in the air!  Whether or not the data expired at 180 days would depend on what the status of the pandemic they were anticipating.

Traitors of the Highest Order

It’s one thing to be anti gun.  Not everybody understands freedom.  But when politicians are anti-gun, it means they don’t want their fellow citizens to have a right that our founding fathers died to give them.

Further, an elected official–paid with our tax dollars to represent us– who is ‘anti-gun’ is literally anti-American, since the Second Amendment is a founding principle of our nation.

Even worse!  When a taxpayer-funded legislator uses their power to wrest power away from the citizens who pay his salary?  It’s treason.  There’s no other word for it.

These Senators are pathetic Americans.  To quote Thomas Paine, “It is the duty of the patriot to protect its country from its government.”  When these are our ‘elected leaders’ then we’re due for some housecleaning of these swamp monsters.