PA Governor Enacts State of Emergency, Has Power to Ban Sale and TRANSPORTATION of Guns

Harrisburg, PA–Folks, this Corona virus might be the real deal, but Lord have mercy, these governors are milking it for all it’s worth.  The expansion of powers we’ve seen, the dismissal of tens of thousands of people’s rights–and in such a short time — is unprecedented.

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania issued a proclamation yesterday shutting down all businesses in the state that aren’t ‘life sustaining.’   So far, nobody has detailed if that includes gun stores, but the lines at gun stores seem to indicate that store owners and buyers alike see that coming.

Power Over Transportation = No More Concealed Carry and Possibly Confiscation

We’ve seen some two-bit mayors in Illinois and Louisiana who have given themselves authority over the sale of guns or even over the transportation of guns in their jurisdiction.  But to our knowledge, Wolf is the highest authority figure to do so thus far.  (We’ll be honest: we don’t check California because frankly, we don’t care about California. They made this bed, they can lie in it.)

Check out his proclamation here:

Anti-Gun to the Bone

See that?  If he has authority over the TRANSPORTATION of firearms, than he can ‘legally’ issue an edict forbidding concealed or open carry.  He can ‘legally’ forbid citizens to take their gun with them if they decide to brave the insanity at the grocery stores–despite a higher risk than ever when out and about.  He can ‘legally’ forbid gun owners to take their guns with them if they decide to just get out of Dodge and go visit Grandma on the farm until this situation settles down.

Governor Wolf has just given himself the power to nullify gun laws and make himself the little tin-pot dictator of Pennsylvania.

But maybe he’s a good guy?  Maybe we are blowing this up and gun owners have nothing to worry about!  But Democrat Governor Tom Wolf is no friend to gun owners.  Wolf and his administration have spent the last few months pushing for his Attorney General Shapiro to rule that 80% receivers are considered firearms.  Wolf has personally joined the fight and pushed for Red Flag gun confiscation, “assault weapons bans” and Universal Background checks.

In fact, Wolf is one of the most radical anti-gun governors out there!  But Wolf is given political cover in Pennsylvania by the fact that the anti-gun bills he’s backing are actually sponsored by turncoat cowardly Republicans.  That’s right.  Wolf’s anti-gun bills are all sponsored by Republican Todd Stevens in the House and Republican Tom Killion in the Senate.  See how we got here?  See why we’re losing?

A Voice of Reason

Joshua Prince — the lawyer for Firearms Owners Against Crime and a pro-gun powerhouse in Pennsylvania–came out with this statement yesterday and just freaking hammers on Governor Wolf and his power grab.  You should read the whole thing if you live in PA, but there’s a main point that Prince makes:  Wolf doesn’t have the legal authority to do this because post-Katrina–when the whole gun world recognized how dangerous the old wording was regarding ‘disasters’ and their gun rights, Pennsylvania added something to their disaster code:

(b)  Seizure, taking and confiscation.–Except as otherwise provided under subsection (a) and notwithstanding the provisions of 35 Pa.C.S. Ch. 73 (relating to Commonwealth services) or any other provision of law to the contrary, no firearm, accessory or ammunition may be seized, taken or confiscated during an emergency unless the seizure, taking or confiscation would be authorized absent the emergency.   Aka…if you weren’t doing something illegal that would have let them take your guns away without the emergency, they can’t do it just because there’s an emergency now.  If you’re looting houses with your gun, well, that’s illegal with or without an emergency–they can take your gun.  If you’re just leaving town with your gun or just getting groceries in a more dangerous environment than normal–they can’t take your guns.


Wolf, you’re a tyrant.  And worse, you’re a tyrant with a coward’s heart.  A tyrant can only rule a disarmed people, and that’s what you’re after.  You’re not a leader, you’re a thug.