Dick’s Sporting Goods Is Eliminating Their Hunting Department In 80% of Stores Nationwide

Dicks’ Sporting Goods is back in the news today after announcing that they’re closing the hunting departing in 400 more stores.  This comes after announcing in 2019 that they would start by removing guns from 125 stores.  Dick’s has 700 stores nationwide.  When you combine these 440 stores with the 125 that already stopped selling guns in 2019, those 565 stores represent nearly 80% of Dick’s nationwide.

Anti-Gun CEO Doubles Down

Dicks’ CEO Ed Stack made headlines in 2018 for his decision to stop selling AR-15s after the shooting at Parkland, FL.  In 2019, Stack admitted that his anti-gun position had cost his company nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.  He angered gun owners further when he mentioned casually that his company had destroyed more than $5 million dollars in guns after their decision not to sell them.

Dick’s had to admit that they showed a 3% loss at the end of 2019.  But Ed Stack is resolute, and is doubling down in his war against guns and gun owners.   He’s determined to get Dick’s Sporting Goods out of the gun sales business–despite the fact that guns were a key part of building his multi-million dollar company.

In the press release announcing the decision, Stack didn’t specify which stores would be closing.  He did say that they would not be pulling guns out of all of their rural stores.

“There are stores in more rural areas where hunting is an important part of people’s lives to feed themselves,” Stack said. “They hunt, not just for sport, but they hunt to feed their families. And as we’ve taken a look at that, we think that that’s important to continue to provide that.”

Thanks, Pal!  Make sure you get every last dollar out of hunters still willing to visit your sellout stores!  Are there any gun owners who still give Dick’s their money?  We doubt it. If you know anybody who still shops there, make sure they know what a loser they’re giving their money to by shopping at Dick’s.  We’d love nothing more than to see gun owners abandon them in droves!