Dick’s Sporting Goods Considering Pulling All Guns from Stores

For years now it’s been well-known within the gun-rights community that Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t have the best interest of gun owners or Second Amendment rights at heart.

While other retail providers pride themselves on providing opportunities for Americans to buy a wide arrange of ammo, firearms, and accessories, Dick’s Sporting Goods removed all AR-15s and compatible magazines after the 2018 Parkland shooting.

Rather than sell off their inventory, they destroyed every AR-15 in their stock.

Dick’s also raised the age to buy any firearm in their store from 18 to 21.

As of recent, Dick’s has been testing the waters as to whether they should pull all sales of firearms.

Dick’s CEO Ed Stack refers to their gun sales as the “hunt” business.

American patriots know that the Second Amendment is not about hunting, and Dick’s is ignorant for defining it as such.

Gun owners do not need Dick’s Sporting Goods, as they have already taken their business to other firearm dealers.

The sports retail store is most likely considering the elimination of gun sales because of how little profits firearms bring in.

Dick’s Sporting Goods pulled all guns from 10 stores last fall and from another 125 stores earlier this year.

After studying the impact of eliminating gun sales in 135 stores, Dick’s will announce their plan for the remaining 600 stores that still carry firearms.

It’s likely that Dick’s will be ending gun sales all together, and gun owners will be happily taking their business elsewhere.