What now? Virginia Dems Kill Six Pro-Gun Bills Just Hours After Rally

Richmond, VA–There were lots of victories at Monday’s rally, starting with the great blow to the left’s narrative about how dangerous and violent gun owners are.

But there remains the mathematical reality that must be faced: the Democrats still control the House, Senate, and Governor’s mansion.  And radical, term-limited Northam has nothing to lose!

Gun owners across the state of Virginia have told them they won’t comply with new gun laws.  Law enforcement have said they won’t enforce new gun laws.  Over 90% of the state declared itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

But that hasn’t slowed down the Democrats.  On Tuesday, January 21st, the Virginia House of Delegates public safety subcommittee shot down six bills that would have advanced gun rights.

The bills included Constitutional Carry and a bill that would have allowed concealed carry in places of worship.  That bill, named after Texas hero Jack Wilson, went down 5 to 3.  All Democrats voted against it, all Republicans voted for it.

Also killed were bills that limited gun-free zones.  A heartfelt testimony from the widower of Kate Nixon–killed in a gun-free zone in a city building in Virginia Beach–fell on deaf ears.  Jason Nixon said, “She obeyed the laws. She obeyed the rules.  And she’s dead now.”  That bill was tabled by the subcommittee, by a vote of 6 to 2.  One of those votes?  A newly elected Republican, Del. Carrie Coyner of Chesterfield.  Yes, the day after the rally, a newly minted Republican voted along with the Democrats to table a bill that would have destroyed gun free zone laws in Virginia.

Compromise starts early for this new Republican!

Not every Republican wanted to bend the knee. One Republican delegate, Chris Head (Botetourt) had two gun bills shot down in the first ten minutes.  He said, “Thank you very much. It’s an honor to be the first to go down for the cause.”

What Can We Do to Stop This Freight Train?

Before anybody forgets, this isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat issue.  Yes, there are more Democrats than Republicans right now, so the Democrats are running headlong for gun control.

But we told you how just days before the rally, two Republicans joined the Democrats in trying to pass gun control.  While gun owners across the country were taking off work, flying or driving a great distance, paying for hotels, and risking their safety….Republicans were selling out even at that late hour.

But it’s not just those two.  This entire scenario is playing out in Virginia because back when they had the majority, they did NOTHING to advance gun rights!  They were caving on every moderate bill they could, on conservative topics left, right and center.

Heck, just HOURS before Northam’s Special Session for gun control this summer, long-time Republican Tommy Norment filed a gun control bill of his own.  He was trying to appease and compromise and sellout—all while Democrats were marching into the Capital for a special session on gun control!

So in the years leading up to the election in November of 2019, the Republicans sold out time and again on every topic.  Their base walked away–as they should have!   And that allowed Bloomberg’s money to sweep in and replace several key Republicans.  That flipped the state Blue, and here they are.

Now 25,000 marching gun owners–a majority of whom were armed–haven’t been able to stop them.

Are They Trying to Back Gun Owners Into a Corner In Your State?

What to do now?

Pour on political heat.  Every single legislator of either party needs to be flooded–every single day–with hundreds of calls and emails from angry gun owners.  They need to know that they are going to face angry gun owners every time they go to a public event.  Their wives are going to run into angry gun owning women at the hair salon.  Their phones will ring off the hook, and they’ll be getting a new cell phone number every month as their old number will get blown up by gun owners.

The most important thing to take away from this rally?  Gun owners HAVE to hold our pro-gun candidates feet to the fire every single day in every single state.  They are looking for opportunities to sell out!  They are looking for ways to compromise without consequences.  Call or email your ‘gun friendly’ legislators once a week, reminding them that you’re watching them.  Tell them you’ll be happy to toss them on their ear at election time if they don’t stand for your gun rights!

We cannot have the scenario in Virginia play out nationwide.  It’ll be a bloodbath for our gun rights.