American Firearms Coalition in Richmond, Virginia to Fight Democrat AND Republican Gun Control

Virginia, VA — All eyes are on Virginia today as Democrat Governor Northam special Legislative Session is called to order to try to ram through new gun control laws, capitalizing on the shooting in Virginia Beach on May 31st, in which 12 people were killed.

New anti-gun bills were being filed left and right the last few days, with Northam and other anti-gun politicians proposing several new pieces of legislation:

  • Red Flag Laws. Proponents of these evil bills claim that they’ll be a stop gap between mentally unstable gun owners and their guns, arbitrarily removing the citizens guns for an indeterminate period.What they don’t acknowledge, though, is that anybody who is such a danger to the public as to need their guns taken away should very likely be institutionalized in a mental health facility.

    But you know how the left loves to blame the inanimate object instead of the person carrying it!

    But far worse than the fact that it doesn’t help the mentally ill, the reality of Red Flag laws is that they obliterate half of the Bill of Rights!

    They do away with due process, since you are losing your rights without being charged, tried, or convicted of a crime.

    You lose your due process, and they violate or effectively veto the 2nd, 5th and 6th Amendment!

  • A Ban on 10 Round Magazines.This effectively limits citizens to 5 round magazines, and greatly reduces their ability to defend themselves against more than one attacker at a time.
  • A Statewide Gun Registry Database.This is a terrible idea for Virginia gun owners for the same reason a national gun registry is a terrible idea.

    The government has no right to this information, and Virginia gun owners are incensed that their own politicians would sell them out at a state level.

  • A background check on every single gun transaction.This means that if you give your grandson your old 12 gauge without running a background check, you’re a criminal!
  • Allowing individual cities to make laws that are more restrictive than State law, or to increase the penalties far beyond what the State law has in place.This puts a huge burden on the gun owner of researching a myriad of laws that changes from town to town.

    This makes it nearly impossible to travel any great distance without leaving their self-defense weapon behind.

So what do you do if you’re a Republican in a state that’s going to war over gun rights?   You pander.

Republicans are hoping that a compromise will buy them a few Democrat votes in the fall.

But they’re worried about gun owners and their votes so many of them are afraid to be as openly anti-gun as they would like to be.

To claim a “middle ground” of compromise, many Republicans have decided to stiffen penalties for gun laws already on the books, in hopes of appearing to be as anti-gun as their Democrat opponents when the elections comes this fall.

Many of these anti-gun bills are filed by Democrats, but some are being filed by gutless losers from inside the Republican party!

As if it’s not bad enough to have to face down anti-gun Democrats like Northam, news broke late last night that Sen Thomas Norment Jr. of James City, the Republican Chamber Majority leader, filed an openly anti-gun bill that would affect every single gun owners.

Sen. Thomas K. Norment Jr.’s bill would ban firearms from local government buildings around the state and make any violation a felony.

State law now bans guns only in courthouses, and violation is a misdemeanor.

Imagine that!  A Felony for entering your local taxpayer-funded government building.  Outrageous.

In case it’s not obvious, this cowardice and compromise before the Special Session has even started is essentially the Republicans waving a white flag and admitting they’re willing to sell out gun owners!

Why would Republicans be so quick to tuck tail and run?

Because this is an election year in Virginia!

All 140 seats in the legislature are on the ballot in November, and Democrats are hoping to take control of both chambers.

Republicans have a very narrow lead, with a 51-48 edge in the House of Delegates and only a 20-19 advantage in the Senate.

This means that Republicans are desperate to keep their seats, and hope that pandering to the Left will make the Left overlook them.

This is a time where gun owners need to stretch their muscles and make their voices heard!

Every single politician in Richmond needs to be painfully aware the gun owners are watching and will hold their political feet to the fire for the decisions they make during this special session.

Gun owners are watching, and we will NOT FORGET if these politicians compromise and sell out our gun rights!   If they think compromise will keep them their seat, they’re dead wrong.

Gun owners are DONE with compromise as a tactic!

We are DONE with spineless cowards who claim to be pro-gun but fold before the battle even starts.

Stay tune . . . we’ll bring you updates as they come out of Richmond in the coming days.