BETRAYAL in Virginia! Two Republicans Vote With Democrats for New Gun Control

Richmond, VA–Cowards, sellouts, and spineless traitors.  There’s nothing else to call the filth that’s floating in the bilge water seeping out of Richmond the last few weeks.

Virginia’s Senate voted yesterday, January 16th on Senate Bill 70.  This bill would require universal background checks for all firearms purchases.  Not only does this essentially make a registry of all gun owners, but now if you want to sell your shotgun to your best friend or neighbor, you have to run a background check, first.

Two cowards in Richmond who have an “R” after their name voted for this bill to help it pass out of the Senate.  From here, SB70 heads to the House and then up to the governor’s mansion for that madman, Blackface Northam to sign.

Republican Senator Siobhan Dunnavant and Republican Senator Hanger, your vote shows all of Virginia that you’re just power-hungry opportunists who would sell your own souls to stay in power.

Enemies In the Gates

Folks, we’ve been saying it for a long time.  What has happened in Virginia since November was only possible because gun owners were giving anybody with the right party affiliation a free pass.

We aren’t being attacked, we’re being BETRAYED.  This has been years in the coming.  Now we have politicians like Senator Hanger and Dunnavant openly stabbing us in the back.  And they’re not even hiding it!  While tens of thousands of gun owners are getting ready to show up in Richmond on Monday, they know that all attention is on the Democrats.

It’s time to wise up and get tough.  Every politician is an enemy unless they fight for our gun rights!