Virginia Dems Come Out Swinging, Pass Red Flag Bill Out of Senate

Richmond, VA–After our article this morning about the House of Delegates killing six pro-gun bills, more bad news out of Richmond this afternoon.  After a sensationally well-attended rally on Monday, Northam and his nutjobs rammed through their worst bill yet.

The Democrat controlled Senate voted this afternoon to pass Red Flags in Virginia.  The bill now heads to the House for a vote.  The vote was split 21-19.

This red flag bill stalled out last week but after giving token support to ‘bolstering due process’ in the bill, they passed it today.

But under this new and improved Senate bill, any commonwealth attorney or two law enforcement officers ask a judge to give them permission to confiscate the guns of a citizen they deem to be a ‘threat to themselves or others.’

God help us if it’s cops like these two, who think that walking around the Capital grounds and tapping on pillars is suspicious and threatening.

But if the judge believes the cops or the lawyer (Don’t like those odds, do you?  Nor do we!) he can call for an ex parte hearing–one you don’t get to attend–to determine the fate of your Second Amendment Rights.  And if they decide that you’ve posted something online, joined the wrong Facebook group or done any other undefined but not necessarily illegal thing….poof!  Cops show up and you must hand over all firearms in your house.

One Republican, Sen. Bill Stanley of Franklin County pointed out what so many others have: this doesn’t do a darn thing for mental health, which is the crux of the matter.    Stanley said, “We’re fundamentally not addressing the issue you want to address.  It makes me think that the object of this bill is not help, but rather it’s removing another gun, another gun, another gun.”

This move by Northam sounds like the most disgusting elitism by Northam, a term-limited governor who is desperately trying to shake last year’s blackface scandal.

Times Have Changed: So Must Our Fight

This move by Democrats highlights that we’re trying to fight a 21st century war with 1995 tactics.     We need to a major overhaul in our tactics in this fight for our Second Amendment Rights and our freedom.

Rallies, while fun to attend and great for building our team’s morale, o not translate into pressure on targeted lawmakers in specific districts.

And when it comes to stopping gun control and fighting for our Second Amendment freedom, the only thing lawmakers care about is pressure in their district. That’s why more and more Grassroots organizations are focusing heavily on digital ads, automated email campaigns, and a social media program to allow greater engagement from their members to anti-gun lawmakers.

Groups that persist with 1990s technology, doing a mailing once every 3 or 4 months and an occasional voters scorecard every 2 or 4 years will find themselves drastically outplayed by Bloomberg and his cronies.

The left figured out this game a long time ago.  That’s how they have mobilized their young  Time to take the political gloves off and bring the political heat in the only way that politicians care about: angry communications from voters that never stop.