WISCONSIN: County Declares Itself Second Amendment Sanctuary, Will Not Allow Red Flag Laws

Florence County, WI — One rural Wisconsin county isn’t going to let Tony Evers or any other anti-gun politicians stomp all over them.

They are more than 250 miles from Madison and felt like their voice was being drowned out by the urban areas around Milwaukee and Madison.

After all, when Governor Tony Evers is threating a special session on gun control and announcing he wants to pass a mandatory buyback of AR-15s  and pass Red Flag laws, they’re not imagining the problem.

The Florence County Board of Supervisors passed the resolution after a unanimous vote in November. The text of their resolution would give their sheriff the right to “exercise sound discretion to not enforce against any citizen an unconstitutional firearms law.”

Sheriff Dan Miller was in full support of the resolution:

“I think it’s a great thing. It sends a message that all of Wisconsin is not exactly the same. We have some different beliefs up north. We tend to be a little more conservative. We like our guns. We believe in God.”

Since Florence County passed their resolution, officials there have been contacted by several other counties in Wisconsin that would like to pass similar ordinances.

Meanwhile, County Supervisor Edwin Kelly agreed that threats from the capital in Madison were a big factor in their decision to act.   Kelly said, “That red-flag law — what benefit is that going to do anybody?  It gives too much authority to the government. Just enforce the rules we have instead of increasing them more and more so that down the road weapons will be gone for future generations.”

Come Out Swinging

Earlier this year, Evers admitted that he had considered using executive action to pass his gun control.  Evers clarified that he would prefer to use the legislative process.

But that is small comfort for gun owners in Northwoods counties like Florence County.  Because they don’t trust politicians as far as they can throw them, they’re taking whatever steps they can to protect themselves.

As we’re seeing in Virginia, it’s far better to start fighting while you’re still on the offense.  Being on the defense is bad enough when the numbers of legislators aren’t on your side.  But when you’re add in opponents with bottomless pockets like Bloomberg, it’s an uphill climb.  If your opponent enjoys the full support of the media, it can seem like a three-fronted war.  That’s why we’re all about flipping the tables like the folks in Florence County have done.

We love watching the Sanctuary movement spread like wildfire.  Have you contacted your Board of Supervisors about making your own county a Second Amendment Sanctuary?