Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Calls for Special Session on Gun Control

Madison, WI — Gun owners in Wisconsin woke to troubling news on Monday morning.

Gov. Tony Evers announced that he was calling a special legislative session on gun control for November 7th.

Evers made his announcement at a press conference in Milwaukee, where he was grandstanding for gun control.

He was flanked by other Democratic lawmakers as well as relatives of people who had died ‘from gun violence.’

Evers made it clear that he was trying to force Republican legislators’ hands, to get them to pass his two favorite bills: Red Flag Laws and Universal Background Checks.

He said, “I don’t want any political games, I don’t want any procedural shenanigans with the rules, no circumventing of the democratic process, no last-minute amendments, no nonsense,” Evers said, before signing an executive order calling for the Nov. 7 session. “I want Republicans in the Legislature to work with Democrats to send these bills to my desk.”

The guy who doesn’t want any political games is calling for a special legislative session just to force gun control.   Pot, meet kettle!

Legislators Have The Upper Hand

The Constitution of Wisconsin requires legislators to meet if they are summoned by the governor, so in that respect, the legislators will have no choice.

But they are not required by law to take any action in their session.

In theory, they could “gavel in” the opening of the session and “gavel out” one minute late.  We saw this exact scenario played out in Virginia this year, much to Virginia Governor Northam’s irritation.

Political insiders in Wisconsin have indicated that Evers is willing to call multiple sessions if the pro-gun crowd won’t bow to his gun control agenda.

So he would put the burden on the taxpayers of Wisconsin to repeatedly call the legislators into session—only to have them gavel out without passing his gun control agenda.

Gun owners in Wisconsin, now is the time to be loud about your gun rights!

Call Evers’s office and tell him where to go with his special session.

Then call your pro-gun legislators and encourage them to hold the line . . . and if they don’t, you WON’T FORGET their compromise at election time!