WATCH: Northam’s Gun Control Bills SMASHED in Virginia!

Richmond, Virginia — The ENTIRE gun control agenda in Richmond, VA was defeated by gun owners today, putting the final nail in failed Governor Ralph Northam’s career.

After twelve Virginians died in a Virginia Beach ‘Gun Free Zone’ in May of this year, Northam went ‘all-in’ on a massive gun control agenda in an attempt to salvage his career after the devastating ‘blackface scandal’ of last year.

Northam used his powers to demand legislators come back for a special session — and called on lawmakers to pass 10 radical gun control bills.

Northam wasn’t alone in trying to destroy the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Virginians, as Republican Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment filed a gun-control bill late last night!

Norment’s bill would make FELONS out of otherwise law abiding Virginians who carried a firearm into public (taxpayer funded) buildings — even with a permit!

On the scene this morning in Richmond were an estimated 2,000 wild-eyed, rabid Bloomberg activists, trying to terrify Republican lawmakers into voting Northam and Norment’s bills into law.

The American Firearms Coalition also had a team on the ground. AFC’s team confronted Governor Northam, lobbied lawmakers in the legislative office building, and confronted Bloomberg’s hacks all day.

Check out one of their videos, here.

AFC’s goal was simple: to make sure Republican lawmakers knew that if they voted for gun control, not only would gun owners NOT support them in their elections in the fall, but gun owners would actively work AGAINST THEM!

And as the morning passed, the phone calls poured in and the pressure mounted against Northam and Norment.

By late morning, Senator Norment caved into the pressure of gun owners, withdrawing his bill and apologizing to his caucus for trying to stab gun owners in the back.

The credit for killing this legislation belongs to grassroots gun owners, especially the members of the American Firearms Coalition!

Governor Northam wanted to obliterate the Second Amendment.

The Republican controlled Senate leadership was willing to go along, and thousands of Bloomberg-backed activists were on hand to encourage them.

But gun owners hammered back with countless calls and emails, making sure that lawmakers knew the price they would pay for attacking the Second Amendment!

Gun owners won this round, but with the legislature coming back into Richmond for a ‘lame-duck session’ in mid-November, gun owners need to stay vigilant.