Wisconsin Governor “Considering” a Mandatory Buyback for AR-15

Madison, Wisconsin — On Thursday, September 19, Democrat Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers held a press conference to push for the passage of two new gun control bills.

Evers’s press conference was an excuse to stump for Universal Background Checks and a state Red Flag law.

In the light of fellow Democrat Robert O’Rourke’s recent tirade against AR-15s and their owners, reporters had more questions about gun control for Evers.

One reporter asked Governor Evers if he supported the mandatory buybacks of AR-15

Evers replied that he “would consider it” but was more focused on background checks and Red Flags.

Either way, Evers’ ideas and his gun control bills are expected to go nowhere in Wisconsin.

After all, Republicans control the legislature and have no reason to make concessions on gun control.

But it shows that all the left needed was for one radical like O’Rourke to say something and prompt other Democrats to show their true colors.

Some in the gun community have suggested that O’Rourke intentionally torpedoed his already sinking campaign.

By pulling hard to the left, his radical and insane comments made other anti-gun politicians look like a moderate choice.

After all, Crazy Joe isn’t THAT bad…he would only support a voluntary buyback.

That seems to be what’s happening in Wisconsin this past week.

Under cover from O’Rourke, Democrats and even some yellow Republicans are willing to say things that they never would have admitted to before.

And gun owners need to remember who is willing to stab them in the back.

Come election time, there should be a reckoning.



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