Pro-Gun Marjorie Greene Gets HUGE Endorsement from Conservative Women’s Group

Just moments ago, Second Amendment Daily received the following Press Release from Marjorie Greene’s Campaign for Congress in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

News is that she has just been endorsed by “RIGHT WOMEN PAC,” an organization started by Debbie Meadows, the wife of conservative Congressman Mark Meadows, who is rumored to be President Donald Trump’s next Chief of Staff.

We’ve written about Mrs. Greene, in recent weeks here, here, and here.

Here is the full Press Release:

The Marjorie Greene for Congress campaign in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District is excited to announce that Marjorie Greene has just been endorsed by the Right Women PAC, an organization dedicated to electing “bold, unflinching and solidly conservative women” to Congress. Right Women PAC dedicates its efforts to “electing legitimately conservative women to the US House: Strong fearless woman who support President Trump.”

Right Women PAC is led by Debbie Meadows, wife of Freedom Caucus member, Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina. Right Women brings targeted support to primary elections to send solidly conservative women to be the voice for conservative women of America, and stand up against the “socialist squad who are hijacking our Congress and our nation.”

In their endorsement, Right Women PAC had this to say about Marjorie Greene:

“Running for Congress in the seat where incumbent Congressman Tom Graves is retiring, Marjorie is a perfect fit for this strongly Republican district. She and her husband, Perry, have three children and own Taylor Commercial Construction company. Marjorie also started and sold a top CrossFit gym. As a conservative businesswoman, Marjorie is not afraid to be a powerful voice for our values.”

The Right Women PAC makes sure candidates possess these strong principles before endorsing:

Pro-Constitution / Pro-Life / Supportive of President Trump / Pro-America

Pro-Border Security and Common-Sense Immigration Laws / Pro-Religious Freedom

Pro-Second Amendment / Supportive of the Freedom Caucus / Pro-Israel

Pro-limited, open and accountable government / Pro-free market and pro-growth policies

Marjorie Greene’s endorsement from the Right Women PAC comes just after her endorsement from the House Freedom Fund, which “only supports candidates for Congress who are dedicated to open, accountable, and limited government – candidates who will fight to defend the Constitution and advance policies that promote liberty, safety, and prosperity for all Americans.”

Marjorie Greene had this to say about her endorsement and her growing grassroots conservative campaign across the 14th Congressional District and NW Georgia:

“I am excited to receive the endorsement of the Right Women PAC as well as the endorsement from the House Freedom Fund. Grassroots conservative Republicans across the 14th Congressional District are flocking to my 100% Pro-America, Pro-Trump, Pro-Life, and Pro-Second Amendment campaign, and we’re fired up to receive this additional support from two organizations that are seeking to help get more conservatives into the Freedom Caucus who will fight for our country, our Constitution, and defend President Trump.

Over the last three and a half weeks as we traveled across all the counties in the 14th and met with hundreds of voters, it’s clear that I will be the most tenacious fighter for our shared conservative values in Congress.

I would also be honored to be the first-ever woman elected to Congress from Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

My campaign’s plan for victory is simple: we campaign directly to the people, one door, one voter at a time. And we’ll be blanketing all the counties over the next 4.5 months mobilizing tens of thousands of conservative Republicans to the polls for my campaign.”

You can check out her campaign at

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