Republican Marjorie Greene Supports Whitfield County, Georgia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement

Dalton, Georgia — Georgia Republican Congressional candidate Marjorie Greene (14th CD in Northwest Georgia) has come out in favor of Georgia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary County movement, specifically the petition (linked here) started by Tyler Martin of Dalton, Georgia.

“Gun owners like me across this country are fed up with career politicians at all levels of government pushing for ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’, Ammo Bans, Mag Bans, so-called ‘Assault Weapons’ bans, and any other gun control they can get.  We know why they want to disarm us … they want to control us.  Not on my watch.

That’s why I’m backing Tyler Martin’s Second Amendment Sanctuary County Petition he’s started in Whitfield County.  I’m asking everyone to sign Tyler’s petition, start one in your own county, and get this movement going across the 14th District, NW Georgia, and all over the state.”

Gun owners across the country have watched in awe as over 100 counties, towns, and cities in Virginia have become “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” over the last six weeks or so.

The purpose of the movement is to pressure county commissioners, sheriffs, and local law enforcement to pass resolutions / laws that state that local law enforcement / government officials in the county or city will not enforce, and in many cases call on them to resist, state and federal restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

Here is a link to Tyler Martin’s Whitfield County Sanctuary County Petition

The following is the text of Tyler Martin’s Petition:

“Proposition to the Board of commissioners and sheriff of Whitfield County, Georgia to the offices of Chairman Lynn Laughter, District #1 Barry Robbins, District #2 Harold Brooker, District #3 Roger Crossen, District #4 Greg Jones, to County Administrator Mark Gibson and to Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood.

This is a petition / proposition to make the Whitfield County, Georgia a Second Amendment Sanctuary in reference to resist any state or federal legislation that could further restrict constitutional rights of citizens listed under the second amendment of the United States Constitution.

These possible infringements include, but are not limited to, universal gun background checks, high capacity magazine bans, assault weapon bans, red flag laws, and any other counter measures to hinder or restrict constitutional rights of the people.

While the county may not be able to provide complete immunity from laws intended to be resisted, under the Dillion Rule the county can be granted the authority to decide the priority of enforcement. By refusing to enforce specific laws or appropriate funds towards their enforcement, our county can severely limit the impact of laws passed by the state or federal government.

There have been more than 320 counties, cities and townships in over 19 states thus far that have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. It is our duty and responsibility as the people, the electors of power to implore that our rights our forefathers granted be protected and to ask the Board of Commissioners to construct and vote on a resolution declaring the county’s intention for no further infringements or enforcements of said infringements of the Second Amendment of the United States constitution listed above but not limited to in paragraph two along with a signed letter from the Whitfield County Sheriff, and every one elected here on, endorsing the resolution.”

Here is a link to Tyler Martin’s Whitfield County Sanctuary County Petition