Pro-Gun Georgia Woman Announces Run for Congress

Rome, Georgia — Earlier today, Second Amendment Daily was able to conduct an exclusive interview with Second Amendment-supporting conservative Republican Marjorie Greene, who announced today that she is running for the open Republican seat in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

Ms. Greene, who has been to Washington, DC, to fight against dangerous “Red Flag” laws on numerous occasions, told Second Amendment Daily that defending gun rights is one of her top priorities.

“With anti-gun Democrats attacking our Second Amendment rights at every opportunity, I believe I’m the best candidate in Congressional District 14 to defend those rights.  I’ve been to DC and lobbied against “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and other gun control bills.  And I think we need to repeal federally-mandate ‘gun free zones’.  As the next Republican Member of Congress from the 14th, I will NEVER vote for gun control.”

Ms. Greene also told us that she has a Georgia Weapons License, carries a firearm for personal protection daily, and would love to see Georgia pass “Constitutional Carry” legislation.

“I’m a member of an all-female Second Amendment group called the DC Project, which advocates for all of our Second Amendment rights, and encourages women to learn about firearms, their rights, and personal protection.

As far as I’m concerned, the Second Amendment is a God-given right that protects all of our rights.  The attacks we see coming from anti-gun liberals in DC and even here in Georgia disgust me, because I know if they get their way, they’ll try to take all of our rights away.”

Ms. Greene went on to say that she is tired of the Fake News media pushing on everyone that all women are liberals or want gun control.

“When I see Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the Socialist Squad claim to speak for all women, I know that I have to fight back.  I can’t just sit on the sidelines and let them hammer away at our Second Amendment rights.  I’m a proud gun owner, Second Amendment supporter, and conservative Republican woman who will never support their gun confiscation agenda.”

Georgia’s 14th Congressional District Republican pimary is May 19.  Qualifying for the race is March 6th.

Here is her website:

You can bet with Ms. Greene in the race, the Second Amendment issue will be alive and well.