Kentucky Democrats File Gun Control Bills for their Newly Elected Democrat Gov. to Sign

Kentucky, you’re going to miss Governor Matt Bevin when he’s gone in January.  Not only did Bevin sign constitutional carry into law, but he stopped new gun control from passing.

But his time has come to an end as the Democrats took control of the Governor’s mansion in the November election.  Their governor-elect Andy Beshear is a big proponent of gun control.

In eager anticipation of his installation and the upcoming legislative session, Democrats in Kentucky have prefiled several anti-gun bills.  The bills include a ban on all semi-auto weapons and high capacity magazines.

The bills also include restrictions on gun storage, the passage of universal background checks, and worst of all, a repeal of Kentucky’s new Constitutional Carry law.  This law was only passed and signed by Matt Bevin in 2018.

Time to Fight Like We Mean It

These people are out for political blood!  They’re ignoring that they have to face a Republican House and Senate.  They’re already counting scalps and declaring victory!

We could take a major lesson from their playbook.

They don’t beg.  Don’t compromise.  They don’t ask or barter.  They don’t make friends.

Like in Virginia, they just bulldoze in and take control.

This is only possible in ANY state because weak-kneed Republicans would rather be friends with anti-gunners than risk their seats.

Kentucky has seen this in sellout Republican Senator Paul Hornbeck who didn’t just endorse Red Flags, but sponsored the freaking bill!

We saw it earlier this year in Virginia.  Gov. Northam was cranking up the pressure in calling his special session on gun control.  Unable to take the heat—especially with a spine made of wax—Republican Tommy Norment thought he could squirm away from the heat by sponsoring a gun control bill of his own the NIGHT before the special session was to convene.


Compromise kills, and this time it’s come home to roost for Kentucky gun owners.