Gun Control Virginia Republican is MARRIED to City of Virginia Beach Lobbyist

Richmond, VA — Tommy Norment is no stranger to politics.

He knows how the political games are played, because he’s played them since he got into politics way back in 1987.

You see, Virginia has a radical Democrat governor who wanted to redeem his racist track record by being a far-leftist on gun control.

Turns out Tommy Norment had some ghosts in his past, too.

But we’re not here to talk about the blackface in his past or discuss his DUI from 2001.

We aren’t even going to make this article about his 2015 Ashley Madison scandal, though we could easily point out that a man with so little honor as to break his marriage vows won’t hesitate to break his vows to the Constitution or the people who elected him.

But no, we just want to talk about the pillow talk lobbying that goes on between him and his new wife.

You see, 73-year-old Norment married Angie Bezik just last year in 2018.

But this was no fairy tale.

This wedding came three years after a staffer tried to extort Norment after viewing emails exchanged by the already-married Republican and Bezik.

You see, Norment was cheating on his wife, and left her for his lobbyist girlfriend, who he married in 2018.

But even that’s not the point of this article.

Though by now you should see that this ‘stalwart Republican Senate Majority Leader’ is just another spineless sellout who would doesn’t have a single conviction in his body that isn’t for sale or to advance his own agenda.

No, we’re just here to point out the fact that Norment’s new wife is not just a lobbyist for a candy company, or for the Corn Grower’s Association.

She’s sure as heck not a gun lobbyist.

No, Angie Bezik—now Angie Norment—is a professional lobbyist for the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

She is the founder of Principle Advantage Government Relations Group, LLC, a “public relations and government relations firm.”

And one of her clients is the same city whose own policy disarmed the wife and mother who said to her husband on May 30 that she WANTED to take her gun to work the next day but wasn’t allowed to . . . and who died in a pool of her own blood.

The City of Virginia Beach has a major public relations fiasco on their hands because their own policy cost Virginians their lives.

THAT city needs gun control passed.

They need to blame a Gun-Toting-Boogey-Man.

Because the alternative is admitting that their own city-created Gun Free Zone is responsible for all these dead people.

Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment isn’t a principled man who was looking for “middle ground.”

No, he was listening to his ‘City of Virginia Beach lobbyist’ new wife, and this cowardly compromise of his was born from their pillow talk.

If you as a gun owner and voter ever feel like nothing you say or do matters, maybe it’s because you’re trying all the honorable routes!

If only Norment had committed adultery with a hot gun lobbyist, he wouldn’t have been so quick to sell gun owners down the river this week,

But we will not forget, and he’ll have hell to pay at election time when gun owners exercise their political muscle and make their voices heard loud and clear.