Republican Senator SPONSORS Red Flag Bill in Kentucky

Frankfort, Kentucky — Arrows in the chest from enemies hurt, but there’s honor in taking them.  Knives in the back from cowards on your own side, those can be lethal.

There’s no honor in a group of backstabbing turncoats.  And this is a truth that Kentucky gun owners are learning the hard way.

Republican Senator Paul Hornback is not just backing the red flag law that will be considered in the 2020 session.  That would be bad enough.

No, Republican Hornback is SPONSORING the bil!

Of course, the Left loves to crow that the bill enjoys ‘bipartisan’ support, thanks to Hornback and any other cowards they can convince to join them in their anti-gun crusade.

What is Hornback’s great defense of his move?

Oh, he’s pro-gun, of course, according to him!  It’s just that we need more regulations and restrictions because “society has changed.”

“We’ve got to start this conversation, we need to stop saying no and we need to look at what can be done, what are the little things we can do,” Hornback told the legislature’s Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary on Friday.

The “little things we can do”!?

Is he out of his mind, or just dumber than a box of rocks?

Destroying due process, confiscating private property without a hearing, essentially gutting the Second Amendment — those are ‘small things’ to small-brain Hornback.

Democrats Smell the Blood in the Water

The bill’s cosponsor, Democrat Senator Morgan McGarvey piles on the Orwellian Newspeak when speaking of their proposed bill.

Instead of admitting that he’s striping away half their constitutional rights and protections, McGarvey says, “It’s not taking anything away from someone, it’s giving them time to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves.”

Sure, pal. Only somebody out of the reach of reality could say something so double-tongued and still expect to be taken seriously.

But back to Turncoat Hornback.

See, Kentucky passed Constitutional Carry earlier this year during the 2019 session.

Republican Governor Matt Bevin eagerly signed the bill into law, and it went into effect July 1st.

But since then, Bloomberg and other big Democrats poured heat — and money, of course — into the gubernatorial campaign in Kentucky.

They unseated Matt Bevin and have replaced him with radical anti-gun Democrat Andy Beshear.   ‘

Beshear will be installed in January.

Whose Your Daddy, Hornback?

Turncoat Hornback now has political cover, see?

After all, he has to compromise because Democrats are in power, right?  That’s what he’d like you to think.

That’s dead wrong.

Instead of spending his time in office defending the rights of the people who elected a Republican to represent him from newly elected anti-gun Democrats, Hornback is selling out as SOON as possible.

Beshear isn’t even the governor yet, and Hornback is already whoring out the gun rights of his constituents.

Hornback and any other Republicans who support Red Flags –we’re looking at you Bradshaw, Lindsay Graham, and dozens of small-fry like Hornback — that election day will be a day of reckoning for them.

Join with Bloomberg and his gang, and you’re the enemy of gun owners.