Hogg Crows Over Virginia, Suggests Buying NRA Headquarters

The gun world is buzzing after Virginia’s Republican party lost control of both the House and Senate on Tuesday.

The trouble isn’t just that they lost to Democrats, but the type of Democrats who won the state:  radical leftists propped up and paid for by Bloomberg himself.

Always tactless and grasping for the spotlight, David Hogg tweeted on Wednesday morning to celebrate the victory.

His tweet also suggested that the left should buy the NRA’s headquarters in Virginia and make a gun violence memorial in its place.

We told you yesterday how the NRA was massively outspent during the campaign in Virginia.

Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety spent $2.5 million dollars to the NRA’s $300,000.

The blow to gun owners is especially bitter because Virginia’s radical anti-gun governor, Ralph Northam, has proposed several gun bills including universal background checks, a one-handgun-a-month purchase limit, and a ban on fire suppressor.

And now with the loss of the House and Senate, things don’t look good for Virginia.

Hogg Pokes A Fresh Wound

Gun owners nationwide have been disappointed and disillusioned in recent months after learning how the NRA has wasted millions of dollars in donations on frivolous expenses.

But it’s hard to see the Left crow in victory over gun owners, even if the NRA isn’t what it should be.

Hopefully the loss in Virginia wakes up sleepy Republican legislators.

The time for moderate, compromising Republicans is over.

President Trump has shown that taking a firm, bold stance is the only way to beat the Left.

The “gentlemen politician” era is over.

We’re up against candidates that are little more than paid thugs for billionaire leftists.

It’s time we get our heads in the game and play for keeps, too.