LaPierre Used the NRA’s Private Jet To Shuttle Wife’s Relatives

Washington, DC — Wayne LaPIerre’s scandals at the NRA continue!

Another week, another story of LaPierre spending NRA donor money like he has a blank check.

On Monday, August 25, flight logs were released that detail the travels of the NRA’s private jet.

The flight logs revealed that Wayne LaPierre has made detours to Nebraska to pick up or drop off one Colleen Sterner.

Colleen Sterner is a niece of Susan LaPierre, Wayne’s wife and she lives in central Nebraska.

One of the trips was in 2017, when Wayne, his wife, Colleen Sterner and Sterner’s daughter were returning from a NASCAR race and a trip to Dallas.

Sounds like a fun family vacay!

Charter jet operators have reported to the Wall Street Journal that this sort of detour—even on a flight already scheduled—would add around $5,000 to the cost of the trip.

The NRA’s Andrew Arulanandam issued a statement saying that Sterner was an employee of the NRA, and she “has occasionally traveled via private aircraft with NRA officials and vendors in connection with her professssional responsibilities.  On occasion, she has been transported to her area of residence in connection with such travel.”

What spokesman Arulanandam didn’t mention was that Colleen Sterner is a very low level employee at the NRA.

Sort of like if Air Force One made a detour to pick up a summer intern.

Sounds legit, until, you know…it’s not.

No, the NRA and the grassroots donors behind it are Wayne LaPierre’s personal bank vault, ripe for the picking.

This latest information is one more example of why gun owners across the country don’t trust LaPierre as far as they can throw him.

And they can’t throw halfway to central Nebraska.