City Council Doubles Down, Ratifies Ordinance Requiring Guns Be Locked Up

San Diego, CA — The radical gun-hating City Council of San Diego voted on Tuesday to approve a new city ordinance requiring gun owners to store their guns in a locked container or disable them with a trigger lock.

Unless they are being worn on the owner’s person (because CA is so quick to give out concealed weapon permits, of course!) it must be locked up.

The vote passed by a vote of 7-2, which means that it is not subject to a mayoral veto — not that we have any reason to think the mayor would have vetoed it.

This outrageous bill was proposed by City Attorney Mara Elliott just last month, and sailed through a preliminary vote earlier this month.

So imagine you’re a gun owner and you’re working on a home repair project, or you’re minding your own business when a lunatic with a knife decides to break into your house, or you’re asleep in your bed next to your wife when you’re woken by thugs beating you on the head.

You don’t have extra minute or two it takes to go open a gun safe, or to find the key to unlock your trigger lock.

This new law is going to cost the lives of law-abiding citizens, and nobody else.

If you think that criminals and thugs are going to lock up their guns while they’re stashed in their drug houses and gang hangouts, you’re dreaming.

The city council used the tired adage of doing this ‘to keep guns away from kids’ and provided statistics that said that 45% of American’s don’t secure their guns at home.

Of course, they didn’t provide any statistics on how many kids have access to millions of “unlocked” guns every day but never touch them.

They also didn’t address the fact that not every gun owner has children.


If your 22-year-old daughter lives in San Diego in an apartment with no children, she still must lock up her firearm and will be unable to defend herself for a much longer period than she would have without this law.

And the criminals will know that every gun in the house is locked up before they even choose their targets.

And how are they going to enforce this?

City officials claim that they can only check for secured guns if they’re already in the home for another legitimate legal purpose.

But how long do you think that will last?  They used to only be able to write a seatbelt violation if they were pulling you over for another legitimate reason, too.  Now you can be pulled over for the seatbelt violation alone in many states.

This law is a joke, and it’s going to take innocent citizens dying before the voters in San Diego wake up and vote out these radicals and repeal this insane city ordinance.