87-year-old San Diego Man Beaten During Home Invasion, Fights Back

SAN DIEGO, Califonira — An 87-year old man is recovering after being beaten during a home invasion and robbery in his home in Clairmont on Wednesday afternoon,

San Diego Police were called to the 4600 block of Firestone Street just after 3:00 in the afternoon.

Paul Schmidt, 87, was fixing a ceiling fan when three unidentified men entered his home and beat and robbed him.

Schmidt said, “All of a sudden three guys come plowing through my front door, said ‘this is a robbery’ I said, ‘come on… I got nothing here for you.’ Which didn’t dissuade them.”

Schmidt said that due to the ceiling fan being broken, the front door was open when the men barged into his home.

“I had scissors laying there, he grabbed the scissors and he threatened me with it. He said there’s 3 of us and one of you and we’re robbing with you. And what could I do, maybe one or two guys I can handle but three…” Schmidt added.

But Schmidt didn’t let them off easy.   He fought them off as best he could, grabbing one of the robber’s beards before one of the other two men held scissors to his throat.

“The guy with the beard, he was the meanest, he seemed to be lead, but he was higher than a kite,” Schmidt said.

The robbers beat the elderly man until he complied, and then made off with his wallet, his pickup truck, and smaller items from his house.

This is where we normally point out that one should carry their gun all the time, even in their home when doing household repairs….but this is San Diego.

While it’s obvious that Mr. Schmidt has nerves of steel, San Diego’s radical city council is in the process of passing a law that would require all guns to be locked up by their owners.

So even if Schmidt and other homeowners bought and learned to use a gun to defend themselves, it wouldn’t do them any good when it’s locked away in a safe when the bad guys show up.

The anti-gun crowd doesn’t care how many old men get beaten, or how many people die if they pass this new law.

All they care about their leftist ideas, and disarming citizens to give them more power.