WINNING! SAPA Legislation Passes Wyoming Senate Judiciary Committee — Full Senate Floor Vote TOMORROW!

Great news out of Wyoming just moments ago, where Senator Anthony Bouchard’s S.B. 81, the Second Amendment Preservation Act or SAPA, passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 5 to 0.  The bill had no amendments to weaken it and was approved to move to a full Senate floor vote as written!

Further, the bill is set for a full Senate floor vote tomorrow, likely in the early morning hours!

Gun owners in Wyoming might not realize how close they came to not seeing this bill move in 2021.  In fact,  S.B. 81 was the last bill approved by the committee for the year, as just five minutes after it passed, they announced that no more bills would be considered for this year’s legislative session!

This Is The POWER Of Grassroots Gun Owners

Relentless pressure on legislators — even in the Cowboy state — is the only way to advance our gun rights.  That’s the lesson to be learned from this for gun owners nationwide.

Gun owners outside Wyoming will be interested to know that the state’s largest and most powerful gun rights group, Wyoming Gun Owners, has been putting intense political pressure on the Senate Chairwoman, Republican Tara Nethercott, for refusing to bring the bill up for a committee vote.


This ad played on Wyoming Gun Owner’s Facebook and social media pages, but the group also ran it on some of the largest radio stations in the state, and even broadcast it on television.

Under the relentless pressure from gun owners, Nethercott and the other Republicans were forced to listen to gun owners!  THIS is grassroots politics done right!

We’ll keep our readers update on the floor vote tomorrow.

Now the real question is:  why aren’t Republicans in EVERY single state bringing this legislation up for a vote?

Take Action

If you are a Wyoming resident, take a moment to fill out the form below, provided to us by the Wyoming Gun Owners. This form will allow you to send one of several pre-written emails directly to your legislators , urging them to PASS SAPA in 2021!