Tennessee Gun Owners Have Victory In Their Sights As Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill — Bill Now Moves To The House

Just hours ago, gun owners in Tennessee cheered at the news that their Constitutional Carry bill, SB 765, had sailed through the Senate and will now be passed to the House for consideration.   This bill had faced opposition from all the hired ‘anti-guns’ including Everytown, the mad commie mommies and more.

What’s more, the companion bill in the house, H.B. 786, will be heard in the House Finance Committee on Tuesday!

We reported on January 16th that Tennessee had nearly passed this legislation back in 2020 — and Governor Bill Lee had filed the bill himself  — but the bill died when Tennessee canceled their legislative session for the Corona scare.

This legislation would allow any law-abiding citizen who is otherwise legally eligible to get a carry permit, to carry a handgun without getting a government permission slip, first.   After 2020, when gun owners in dozens of states were left waiting months to get their piece of paper because of delays due to Corona, gun owners were not willing to risk their safety any longer.

Of course, as is typical of other states with Constitutional Carry, this legislation doesn’t do away with the permit for those who with to get one in order to have reciprocity with other states.

The bill has limitations, including restricting the right to those over 21 years old and some restrictions on which guns would be permitted to be carried, but overall, it’s a huge step in the right direction. Idaho is an example of state that started with this sort of bill and — through the work of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance — has expanded their Constitutional Carry law to do away with those initial restrictions.

Still, this bill does ensure that honest, law-abiding citizens are not left defenseless because some government employee is working from home or because they didn’t fill out a government form!

Gun Rights Advancing Across The Country

Tennessee isn’t the only state where gun owners are having a good week!  We reported yesterday that gun owners in Wyoming and Iowa both had a day for the record books.

In Wyoming, the exciting new SAPA legislation passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is due for a full Senate vote yet this week.

Then, late last night, Iowa’s House voted to pass Constitutional Carry by a vote of 60 to 37 — the first time that state has ever gotten Constitutional Carry that far!

We’ve been saying it since early January: the harder the left pushes, the more gun owners they wake up who were previously happy to let the NRA handle the defense of their gun rights.  But thanks to the aggressive, radical gun control efforts that Joe Biden has promised to deliver to his cadre in the Swamp, tens of millions of Americans have woken up to the fact that a big government is not their friend. 

Gun owners are motivated and are getting involved to help restore America and hold back the tide of radical leftist policies!