Dianne Feinstein Says “Domestic Terrorism” Concerns Pushed Her To File Massive ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban — Bill Would Ban Over 200 Guns, High Cap Mags, More…

(Source: Senate TV screenshot via CNN)

Dianne Feinstein has put forward legislation to ban ‘Assault Weapons’ in the past, most notably in 1993, but again in 2013, 2019 and just days ago.  But after filing this legislation again in 2021, Feinstein reports that one of her main concerns is over ‘domestic terrorists.’

We reported last week when Feinstein filed the 125-page bill titled the Assault Weapons Ban of 2021.  The bill already has 34 Democrats in the Senate as co-sponsors.  The nasty bill would ban more than 200 types of firearm that are currently legal — including the home defense weapon of choice for millions of Americans, the AR-15.

The New York Post has reported that one of Senator Feinstein’s main reasons for filing the bill was her growing concern about ‘domestic terrorism.’   The Post quoted her as saying, “We’re now seeing a rise in domestic terrorism, and military-style assault weapons are increasingly becoming the guns of choice for these dangerous groups.”

Of course, the Post connected Feinstein’s comments to Trump supporters.

Neither the Post nor Feinstein said a word about the violent Black Lives Matter rioters who burnt and looted America’s big cities for weeks last summer on national TV.  Those riots are now estimated to have cost over $2 billion dollars in damages.

Feinstein’s office did release a fact sheet, however, where she referred to ‘assault weapons’ as ‘weapons of war, saying,

“We firmly believe that weapons designed for war have no place on the streets of a civilized society. We must enforce existing law and enact commonsense measures to stop the proliferation of military-style assault weapons while protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens who use guns for hunting, household defense or legitimate recreational purposes.”

Protect their rights by taking them away?  That’s not how that works.

High Capacity Magazines Also Get The Axe

In addition to the 205 specifically listed ‘assault weapons’, Feinstein’s bill would also ban any standard capacity magazine that holds more than ten rounds.  We reported on November 25th that the NSSF’s latest numbers show that Americans currently own 71 million pistol magazines and 79 million rifle magazines that would fall under Feinstein’s definition of ‘high capacity.’

Feinstein’s bill would also force gun owners who already own these ‘assault weapons’ to keep them secured 24/7 — essentially rendering them useless at the exact moment they need them most.

And most outrageously, Feinstein’s bill would require the registration of all pre-ban ‘assault weapons’ upon the gun owner’s eventual death, so their children could never inherit them without putting them into a federal database.

Hammer On Your Senator

Just last week, Nancy Pelosi’s House passed two major gun control bills, H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446.  Those two bills now move to the Senate for consideration, where Feinstein’s bill is already waiting.

What often happens in this situation is that moderate Republicans — or cowardly ones — will capitulate on one of the three gun bills so they can release some of the pressure off themselves.  Then, at reelection time, they’ll proudly report how they voted ‘no’ on the other two!

What’s worse, these sellout Republicans often get together ahead of time and agree on which bill they’ll let pass so they can all share any blame and all claim the glory!  Disgusting.

Gun owners across the country are done with that sort of tactics — and ultimate, with this sort of legislator!  We can’t afford for ANY of these gun control bills to pass the Senate!

We’ve reached out to the American Firearms Association and they’ve provided us with the petition form, below.  They’ve made it easier than ever to contact your legislators — it will only take about thirty seconds!   Fill out the form below, and keep a close eye on these three bills!