Off To A Bad Start: Chicago Shootings Already 32% Higher Than 2020 Bloodbath — Despite Lori Lightfoot’s Gun Control

Photo Credit:  Screenshot from NBC Chicago

Chicago, IL — It’s a sad obligation in this line of work to check the Chicago Tribune’s shooting tracker every Tuesday morning.  Seeing how many people were shot or killed over the weekend is a chore because the number is always climbing upwards.

And this morning, just like always, the numbers were bad. So far in 2021, the Windy City has had 243 people shot.  This number is 59 higher than last year at this time, when ‘only’ 184 people had been shot.

That’s an increase of 32% over 2020, which was already a near record-breaking year for gun violence.  The city saw over 4,100 people shot in the twelve month span.

If you do the math and say that 2021 is going to continue this 32% increase over last year, the total for 2021 will top over 5,200 people shot.

What Is The Plan, Lightfoot?

Lori Light foot and the Mayors of other big Democrat controlled cities don’t have solutions. Their gun control efforts haven’t stopped violent crime at all!   In fact, their cities’ crime rates are some of the highest in the nation!

The left wants a disarmed population without the right of self-defense.  They don’t seem to care how many innocent people have to be shot or killed by violent criminals who ignore their gun control laws.

This tells the average gun owner something: it’s not about safety or saving lives.  If it was, they’d repeal these deadly gun control laws overnight and ensure that law-abiding Americans had the right to defend themselves from violent criminals.

Instead, the criminals know that it’s open season because their victims are unarmed and they’re the only ones with a gun!