2020 Bloodbath: Chicago Sees 4,114 People Shot, 768 Homicides In Bloodiest Year In Decades

Photo: John J Kim/ Chicago Tribune

Chicago, IL — Mayor Lori Lightfoot is likely happy that it’s 2021, if for no other reason than to clear the board and restart the clock shootings and murders in her gun-controlled city.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Windy City saw 4,114 people shot between January 1st and December 28th, 2020.  Of that number, 768 died from their injuries.

The number of shootings was nearly 1,400 higher than in 2019, representing an increase of 52% over last year!

The number of homicides was also up considerably over 2019, when the Chicago Police Department reported just  491 homicides in the city. That’s an increase of  56% over last year.

The Tribune spoke with the esteemed Mayor about her city’s rise in crime:

Asked this week about the increase in homicides, Mayor Lori Lightfoot acknowledged some communities have endured a particularly heavy loss of life from both crime and the coronavirus, exacerbating existing troubles.

“It’s been a hard time,” Lightfoot said. “Frustration, anger, unfortunately some of that is playing out in violence. A lot of things that are manifestations of trauma and mental health challenges have been in full bloom.”

That’s a lot of mental health challenges to bloom in one year!

Mayor Lightfoot makes no mention of the fact that her city has passed some of the strictest gun control in the country.

These laws make it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to be able to defend themselves against violent criminals.

What’s worse?  The criminals know that their targets are very likely to be unarmed and defenseless.  It emboldens them.  Add in the cry to defund the police in 2020 and the crime rate skyrocketed!

Not Helping Their Case

The Tribune went on to say that Chicago wasn’t the only big city to see a crime spike:

The issues didn’t just bubble over in Chicago. Other large American cities saw 2020 issues manifest themselves in surges in violent crime.

Through Dec. 20, New York City, with more than three times Chicago’s population, saw slayings jump by 39% from the same time in 2019, to 437 from 314, official police statistics there show.

In Los Angeles, a city with more than a million more residents than Chicago’s 2.7 million, its 343 homicides in 2020 represented a 33.5% jump over last year, when 257 were recorded. That was according to LAPD statistics through Dec. 26.

How long can the leftists talk about these issues without addressing the elephant in the room?

Their gun control laws failed in every single big city in the country this year!

Gun control failed with such alarming speed that law-abiding Americans flocked to gun stores to be able to protect themselves!

Gun Salesman Of The Year

It was a foregone conclusion in the minds of law-abiding citizens that criminals would have guns — and eight million Americans rushed out to buy their first gun in response!

That must make so many leftists angry!  After all, watching their gun-controlled cities riot, loot, and destroy is what prompted millions of Americans to go out and buy a gun!

We’ve given the award to Barak Obama and Beto O’Rourke in the past…but Mayor Lori Lightfoot should receive the award for ‘gun salesman of the year’ for 2020!