BREAKING: Joe Biden Won’t Rule Out Using Executive Action To Ram Through Gun Control — Just Days After Calling For AR-15 Ban, High Capacity Magazine Ban, Universal Background Checks And More!

The White House revealed today that Joe Biden is not ruling out using executive orders to pass a several nasty new gun control laws.  That was the word from the White House today in a briefing that was held in response to Joe Biden’s statement from Sunday, February 14, which was issued in commemoration of the 3rd anniversary of the Parkland, FL shooting.

In Sunday’s memo, the President called on Congress to pass some of the outrageous gun control laws that America’s law-abiding gun owners have long feared were in the works.

Biden specifically listed a ‘high capacity’ magazine ban, and AR-15 ban, Universal Background checks and more as his ‘goals’ for commonsense gun law reform!

And today’s press conference saw White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki taking it one step further.

Instead of reiterating that Biden wanted Congress to act on gun control, Psaki said that Joe Biden is still considering using executive orders to accomplish his goal of passing gun control.

Here’s the quote:

Reporter: “What is your timetable for action on what the president calls common sense measures?” a reporter asked Psaki. “And what’s the realistic hope that you have this will pass both houses?”

“Well, we haven’t proposed a package at this point,” Psaki responded. “So it’s hard for me to make a prediction about its likelihood of passing. But I will say that the president is somebody throughout his career who has advocated for smart gun safety measures. He has not afraid of standing up to the NRA. He’s done it multiple times and won on background checks and a range of issues. And it is a priority to him on a personal level, but I don’t have a prediction for you, or preview for you on a timeline of a package, and certainly not what it will look like and how it goes through Congress.”

As the press conference moved forward, a second reporter dug a little further, asking if Biden still intends to use executive action on gun control –- something he and his campaign managers promised during his campaign.

Psaki responded:

“The president has a range of actions at his disposal … he hasn’t ruled out either of those options.”

The Plan All Along?

Back in December, the National Policy Director for Joe Biden’s campaign, Stef Feldman, said that Joe Biden would use executive action to combat gun violence if Democrats did not gain control of the Senate.

Feldman also said in the same interview that Joe Biden planned to “make big, bold changes through executive action, not just on policing and climate like we talked about previously, but in healthcare and education on gun violence, on a range of issues.”

Things Are Heating Up On The Hill

Gun owners know that Joe Biden hates their gun rights — and that the threat of executive actions was always on the table if a Democrat made it into the White House.  But this isn’t 1990.  Times have changed. The stakes are higher than ever.

Tens of millions of rock solid gun owners aren’t going to sit by quietly while one man destroys their gun rights with the stroke of a pen!

Now is the time to POUR political pressure onto our legislators and DEMAND that they stand up for the gun rights that were entrusted to us and that we must pass on to our children and grandchildren!