BOOM! Freshman Minnesota Rep Files SAPA Legislation — Groundbreaking Bill Would Nullify All Federal Gun Control In The State!

St. Paul, MN — Gun owners across the country have been on high alert since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were installed in the White House, waiting for the hammer of federal gun control to drop.  And considering Biden’s reliance on executive orders in the early days of his administration, it’s no wonder!

But one freshman Representative from Minnesota, Erik Mortensen, (District 55A) isn’t waiting for the anti-gun crowd to attack.

Instead, Mortensen has filed a bill that would protect the gun rights of Minnesotans from all federal gun control efforts — for good.

His bill, H.F. 1265, titled the Second Amendment Preservation Act — or SAPA — would nullify all federal gun control at the Minnesota border, essentially turning the entire state into a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

How would SAPA accomplish this?

What Is SAPA Legislation?

SAPA nullifies federal gun control laws by requiring state law enforcement officers and state officials to only enforce state laws regarding firearms, ammo, and accessories — and only if that state law complies with the Second Amendment.

That means that if Joe Biden and his radical Democrat legislature pass a federal law requiring the confiscation of the AR-15 and all magazines that hold over ten rounds of ammunition, that state’s city, county and state authorities would be required to ignore it.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not.  Missouri has already filed SAPA legislation for this session and it’s already passed their House!  We reported when SAPA legislation was filed in Wyoming earlier this month.

We think this legislation will be gun owners best defense against Federal gun control.

An Old Idea — Improved

This idea isn’t new, and some gun owners might remember that a version of this was all the rage during the Obama administration.  That version was called the “Firearms Freedom Act.”

But SAPA solves one of the biggest problems with the Firearms Freedom Act: who stops the feds?!

You see, the FFA required that the state’s attorney general to come to the defense of the gun owner whose rights were being trampled.   Needless to say, that was a pipe dream in many states, even historically pro-gun states!

But Minnesota’s SAPA legislation is much different.

Mortensen’s bill would allow individual gun owners to bring government officials who violate their rights to civil court on their own initiative!

That’s right: any gun owners can civilly SUE any state law enforcement official, judge or mayor who tries to enforce federal gun control!

Sure, it doesn’t stop the Feds from coming into the state, but many in law enforcement will tell you that that the federal government relies on state and local authorities to enforce the vast majority of federal law because they don’t have the manpower!

The Bills Has Some Powerful Friends

Representative Erik Mortensen has teamed up with the most powerful gun rights organization in the state, the Minnesota Gun Rights.

When asked for a comment, the organization’s Executive Director, Ben Dorr, replied:

“We’re damn proud to be working with Rep. Mortensen to introduce Minnesota’s very first SAPA bill. We need SAPA to stop the tyranny flowing out of D.C. and it’s time for our Republican legislature to stand up and make this happen!”

Dorr went on to say that SAPA legislation is booming all across the country in part because of the actions of moderate Republicans in recent months.

According to Dorr, it has become ‘obvious’ to gun owners that there aren’t enough Republicans with a spine to stop federal gun control, so grassroots organizations had to step in.

“Republicans in the Senate have had the majority for 5 long years and haven’t passed a single pro-gun bill in all that time. They should put on their big-boy pants and get this done for gun owners in 2021.”

That’s true in Minnesota and in states all across the country — and SAPA is the best piece of legislation for the job!