Starting Off With A Bang: New Year’s Weekend Sees 30 People Shot, 5 Killed In Chicago — Pacing Close To Last Year’s Record Numbers!

Chicago, IL — The Windy City greeted the New Year in it’s typical, tragic fashion: with a spate of violence and shootings.  As of early this morning, the New Year’s weekend had seen 30 people shot, five of whom died of their injuries.

Back in 2020, New Year’s Day fell on a Wednesday, so the dates for the ‘first weekend’ included January 1-5.  That weekend in 2020 saw 36 shootings.  This year, New Year’s Day fell on a Friday, so the weekend only included January 1-3 but the city has seen 30 shooting victims, already.

This comes on a the heels of the news that Chicago saw a staggering 4,114 people shot in 2020 — an increase of over 50% from 2019.

Of those shooting victims, 768 died, representing an increase in homicides of 56% over 2019.

Same Story, Different Year

And sadly for the law-abiding citizens of the democrat-controlled city, 2021 isn’t shaping up to be much different.  After all, Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to blame guns and ‘manifestations of trauma and mental health challenges‘ for the rise in crime!

She continues to ignore the fact that the strict gun control she has in place in her city has made sure that every single law-abiding citizen is a fish in a barrel for violent criminals!

Thanks to Chicago’s gun control, innocent people are left defenseless against the vicious actions of criminals who are happy to break the laws meant to keep guns out of their hands.

Same story, different year.

Will the last sane person to leave Illinois kill the lights, please?