Oh No You Didn’t! New York Times Goes After South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem For Her Stance On Guns, Corona

Photo Credit:  Susan Walsh, AP

The New York Times recently released a video compilation of the many ‘failures’ of America’s favorite Governor, Kristi Noem.

In the last eighteen months, Governor Noem has become a beloved household name across the nation.  For millions of Americans, Noem embodied what a freedom-loving, patriotic Republican governor should do while in office.

When compared to sniveling tyrants like Republican Governor Mike DeWine, the difference is stark — and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by gun owners!

Her unwillingness to categorize any person’s income as ‘unessential’ to their family, her statements that South Dakotans were able to be trusted to be responsible for their own health, and more made her the enemy of the #FakeNews pundits — not to mention her stance on guns!

Her concern for the implications of the Corona Scare edicts was shared by millions of Americans who agreed with her comments:

What I’ve seen across the country is so many people give up their liberties for just a little bit of security. And they don’t have to do that.  If a leader will take too much power in a time of crisis, that is how we lose our country. So I felt like I’ve had to use every single opportunity to talk about why we slow things down, we make decisions based on science and facts and make sure that we’re not letting emotion grab a hold of the situation.

No sooner had the New York Times seen Noem’s star rising than they released a video chronicling her supposed failures.

Their six minute hit piece is here:

Notice one of the very first items the New York Times chose to highlight as one of Noem’s ‘failures’?

Her love for the Second Amendment!

The left hasn’t forgotten that the very first bill that Noem signed into law was South Dakota’s Constitutional Carry law back in January of 2019!

The video made the footage of Governor Noem pheasant hunting black and white and grainy, so here’s the gorgeous original:

Their Narrative Doesn’t Hold Water

If our readers are interested in a point-by-point rebuttal of the New York Times exaggerated or manipulated claims about the effects of Noem’s policies, they can check out this article.

The author, Robert E. Wright, made great observations about why the NYT is so upset about Noem’s popularity:

But why would the NYT go out of its way to attack Kristi, who even it admits remains popular in South Dakota? Possibilities abound but I see no reason to reject the hypothesis that the woke newsroom staffers … see Kristi and the entire state as a threat to their agenda, not just on Covid, but across the board.

Consider, for example, gun control. South Dakota effectively has none, not even for handguns, which anyone can carry, concealed or openly, without a permit of any kind. Contrast that with New Jersey and Massachusetts, which have strict controls on pistols and even long guns. According to a RAND study, South Dakota ranks ninth highest in the nation in per capita gun ownership yet 45th in per capita firearm homicides. The two aforementioned eastern states, by contrast, rank second to last and dead last in gun ownership, yet have gun homicide rates far higher than South Dakota’s.

Only LEFTIST Women Are To Be Celebrated!

BOOM! The left hates when beautiful, successful, freedom-loving women succeed!

They especially hate them for showing Americans how weak, tyrannical, and cowardly men like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo really are!

For all their ‘pro-women’ talk, they sure don’t mind tearing down Second Amendment rock stars like Governor Noem, Ohio’s Candice Keller, or most recently, Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Which is why we will make a point to brag on these amazing ladies every chance we get!