Ohio Governor Suspends Primary Election While Daughter’s Campaign On the Ropes, Blames Corona

Columbus, OH–We told you yesterday about the whiplash the Ohio’s voters are suffering from after Monday’s actions by their governor.  If you haven’t read our article, you won’t want to miss it.  In the course of 24 hours — and with less than that until the voting was to start — Ohio’s primary election was illegally postponed until June, reinstated, cancelled by DeWine’s appointee Amy Acton in the Health Department, reinstated, and then finally postponed for good.

Follow all that?  Even if you were planning to vote, who could even tell if the polls were going to be open yesterday?  Nobody.

Why all this confusion?  What purpose did it serve?  We think that delaying the primary election — in violation of the Constitution and a judge’s order — accomplished several things:

  1. It established a dangerous legal precedent that the governor is above the law.  After all, if he can suspend the constitution every time there is a crisis that could endanger lives, he can postpone elections whenever there is a bad ice storm on the way.
  2. This is where it gets a little more concrete–where the rubber meets the road.  Governor DeWine ‘s daughter, Alice is running for office in Green county.  She’s after the office of Green County prosecutor, in fact.  Not lost on many Ohio voters, that’s how DeWine himself got his start in politics.  Alice DeWine is married but doesn’t use her husbands name.   She’s trying to climb the ladder Daddy’s way using Daddy’s name.
    Locals tell us that Alice DeWine’s campaign was not going well.  In fact, if the election were held yesterday, the odds were good that she would have lost.  Turns out that having your Daddy be the governor would help your campaign more if he wasn’t such a terrible RINO.DeWine just gave his daughter an extension on her campaign, giving her plenty of time to throw more time, money and effort into her failing campaign.
  3.  Extending the campaign season helps only one side: the moneyed, powerful established candidates.  The underdogs, the grassroots candidates have put all of their money into mailings, radio and tv ads, and etc into one big final push.  When a grassroots candidate — often self-funded — runs out of money, they can’t dip into a PAC or ask their millionaire friends for a donation.Delaying the election helps the money class, the establishment class.  All the conservative candidates have spent all their money!  Only the candidates that will play ball and preserve the status quo will be able to hold out until June — with the help of their friends

    The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease: More Government Power

    This is an outrageous attack on the American electoral system.  But where conservative voters usually get angry when they hear about the left wanting to do away with the electoral collage, this time, they’re too busy thinking about the Corona virus to see what’s going on.  This is a dangerous precedent.  Frankly, this scares us a hell of a lot more than our statistical odds of catching this virus.