New York: Attorney General James Promises To Persue The NRA All The Way To Texas And Beyond

We reported last week that the National Rifle Association has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and are moving their headquarters from New York State to Texas to restructure their organization.

Last summer, we reported that New York Attorney General Letitia James had filed a suit against the organization, accusing their top leadership of fraud.  James went so far as to say that NRA leadership had been “looting” donor dollars for “their own personal piggy bank.”

The suit was filed against the NRA as a whole, LaPierre, as well as former Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Wilson “Woody” Phillips, former Chief of Staff and the Executive Director of General Operations Joshua Powell, and Corporate Secretary and General Counsel John Frazer.

After word came out that the NRA was seeking  bankruptcy protections in federal court and is going to reincorporate its nonprofit status in the state of Texas, James made sure they knew that this wouldn’t deter her from pursuing them for their corruption while in her New York State jurisdiction.

Her office released a quote, saying:

“The NRA’s claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt. While we review this filing, we will not allow the NRA to use this or any other tactic to evade accountability and my office’s oversight.”

If Attorney General James thinks the NRA is “morally bankrupt” because of their original charter — defending the Second Amendment — then we couldn’t disagree more!

But if she’s referring to the greedy, corrupt actions of ego-maniac Wayne LaPierre and the circle of yes-men he has built around himself, then we’re right on board.

The greed and waste are one thing.  But the compromise on the bump stock ban, Red Flags, and more just can’t be overlooked!

Gun owners haven’t forgotten that the NRA supported both of those gun control ideas while Trump and his fellow Republicans controlled all three branches of the government — aka, while there was no risk in opposing them!

We need a new national gun rights organization — one that is “No Compromise” AND that actually gets things done.  Our money is on the American Firearms Association, but either way, we don’t have five to ten years for the NRA to try to become a lean, tough fighting machine again.