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Video: NRA Lobbyist Chris Cox Supporting Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders

Washington, DC — No sooner than Little Marco Rubio dropped the first bomb on gun owners yesterday by introducing Senate Bill 7, “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders”, video of the NRA’s chief lobbyist Chris Cox endorsing them began floating around the internet again.


Keep in mind, Cox and Rubio use the term “extreme risk protection orders” to describe their gun control legislation.

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It’s simply a play on words, similar to how the left calls their newly introduced legislation “universal background checks”, but that’s really just code language for national gun registration.

The language Cox uses in the video below is of course very well produced and said in a way to give you the indication that “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders” are innocuous, harmless to you.

No matter how you slice it, “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders” would empower government to take firearms away without due process, the basic tenant protecting individuals from government overreach that our country was founded on.

Cox claims they support due process, but but their version of due process is what are referred to as “ex parte” hearings, which are far from due process as we know it.

In a nut shell, the NRA is trying to pull a fast one on gun owners, just like they did with “Fix NICS”, Bump Stock Ban, Gun Free School Zones, Lautenberg Gun Ban, Brady Bill and so many more.

Here’s the video of NRA chief lobbyist Chris Cox endorsing “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders”.

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