30 People Shot, 6 Fatally This Weekend In Chicago — 156 In The First Weeks of 2021 And Already 46 More Than Last Year

Photo Credit: John J. Kim—AP/Chicago Tribune

Chicago, IL — The news this morning doesn’t bode well for Mayor Lori Lightfoot.  The Chicago Tribune reported this morning that the Windy City saw 30 people shot between Friday evening and Monday morning.  This brings the total number of people shot to 156 in just the first 25 days of the year.

Last year Chicago residents endured a staggering rise in crime, but 2020’s numbers will pale in comparison to 2021 if this trend continues.

During last year’s crime wave, the city had only seen 110 shootings by January 25th.  That’s 46 less than the city has already seen in 2021.

That’s an increase of 41% over what was already the bloodiest year Chicago had seen in decades!

More concerning still will be if this trend continues.  Last year the city of Chicago reported 4,133 shootings from January 1st through December 31st.

If the current trend continue, and Chicago sees a 40% increase in their shootings over 2020, then Mayor Lori Lightfoot will see 5,786 people shot by the end of the year!

How Many Have To Die For Their Gun Control?

What can Mayor Lightfoot do?  Pass more gun control?  Make it even harder for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves with a gun?

How many people will die like fish in a barrel before Lightfoot admits that her gun control policies are a total failure?

Sadly, the anti-gun left is so closed minded that they’ll ignore thousands of people dying in the streets of America’s gun controlled cities before they think about reversing their deadly gun control laws.

They don’t have to face the consequences of their polices because it’s the innocent end up paying the price.