SHOCKER: Georgia Senate Candidate Rev. Ralph Warnock Mocks Christians Who Want Guns To Defend Themselves at Church

An enraging video came to light yesterday, showing Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Reverend Raphael Warnock mocking churchgoers for wanting to carry a gun in church to defend themselves.

In the video, Warnock comments condescendingly to the Safe Carry Protection Act, passed by Georgia lawmakers in 2014.  The SCPA is credited with eliminating many ‘gun-free zones’ in Georgia, including churches.  The law increased the number of places law-abiding citizens could carry their guns for self-defense.

Instead of giving violent criminals a huge list of places they could count on nobody being armed, the SCPA reduced the number of ‘sitting-duck zones’ dramatically.


The footage shows Warnock saying, “Somebody decided that they had a bright idea to pass a piece of legislation that will allow for guns and concealed weapons to be carried in churches.”

It’s Not Funny To Be So Ignorant

Maybe Reverend Warnock doesn’t own a television??  He must have missed the national story on December 29th of last year where Texas hero Jack Wilson shot and killed an armed attacker in his White Settlement, TX church!

In that instance, the shooter pulled out a gun from his long coat and immediately began shooting at people in the pews.  But that lunatic only shot two times before Wilson, a volunteer on the church’s security team, took him out with a single shot.  In the footage of the event, up to seven other members of the church can be seen drawing their own weapons within seconds of the attacker revealing his weapon.

This wasn’t an accident on Wilson’s part, either.  Texans had learned the hard way.

Just two years earlier on November 5th, 2017, Texans had watched in horror as a disgruntled leftist shot and killed 17 people in the First Baptist Church in Sulpher Springs, TX.

Disarmed congregants were mowed down in their seats by the deranged leftist.

In that instance, a local man, Stephen Willeford heard from his daughter that she thought she heard shots coming from the church building.  Willeford grabbed an AR-15 and ran to the scene, making contact with the attacker, then shooting and wounding him to stop the attack.

In that case, it took another gun arriving on the scene for the slaughter to stop.

After Willeford’s heroic acts saved so many lives — but came too late to save 17 other Christians — the Texas law that disarmed people in churches was changed, eliminating the ‘sitting duck zone’ rules that had painted a target on every attendee’s back.

Georgians Didn’t Need A Church Massacre To Get The Message

The nation was riveted by both stories out of Texas.  But by the time of the Sulpher Springs shooting, Georgia’s gun owners had already demanded the same legal protection for themselves.

But would-be Senator Warnock doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  In fact, he thinks that anybody who DOES think it’s a good idea is just plain out to lunch!

Who Cares What This Fruitcake Thinks?

Somebody so out of touch should be easily ignored, but Georgia’s gun owners should take careful note.  After all, Warnock is in a runoff race for the Georgia Senate set for January 5th.

The stakes are not only high for gun owners in Georgia, but for gun owners nationwide. Georgia’s two Senate runoff races are critical because they will determine whether or not Republicans maintain control of the United States Senate.

It’s clear now that if Joe Biden is installed as President next month and the Democrats already control the House, losing control of the Senate could be devastating for Republicans — and especially gun owners.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have promised to pass sweeping gun control bills nationwide. Without control of the Senate, Republicans would have no way to stop them.