WATCH: Hero Jack Wilson’s Account of Sunday’s Shooting

White Settlement, TX–All eyes are on Texas today after the deadly shooting at West Freeway Church of Christ yesterday.  News broke before noon that a madman with a shotgun had shot and killed at least one person inside the church just west of Fort Worth.  Reports followed that the shooter was taken out by a local firearms instructor inside the church.

The man was later identified as one Jack Wilson–the owner of a local shooting range.

Overnight, Jack Wilson became a hero, and rightfully so.  When others would cower, run, or wait for police while people were killed, Wilson stepped up to the plate.

Today, Wilson gave an interview to the local news station. Watch the video here:

What an outstanding American hero.  This isn’t the bumbling idiot that the left paints gun owners out to be.  This is a brave man who has spend years serving his country.

Wilson told reporters that he spent 6 years in the Army National Guard and 6 more years as a Hood County Reserve Deputy.

A man who spent his entire life training and sacrificing time and energy to be ready to protect people around them. And ready he was.  The livestream from the church showed Wilson taking a single shot and dropping the shooter with a head shot.

The next time you hear some anti-gun lunatic try to paint gun owners in a negative light, tell him to bring it up to the 200 people Jack Wilson saved in that church on Sunday morning.