Gun Rush 2020: Black Friday Gun Sales Top 186,000 In A Single Day, Fourth Largest Day On Record

If the anti-gun crowd hoped that America’s gun owners had finally bought all the guns they wanted, Black Friday was another hard day for them in an already bitterly disappointing year.

The FBI reported performing186,645 firearm background checks on Black Friday this year. This makes it the fourth-highest one-day total for National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks on record. Gun retailers know that Black Friday is traditionally a big day for gun sales — and therefore NICS checks, as Americans buy guns ahead of Christmas.

While the number was down about 8% from last year, it was far from the kind of decline the radical anti-gun crowd would like to see.

Many gun store owners reported their numbers were down but blamed that in part on the continuing Covid restrictions limiting their store capacity or the fact that their entire state was shut down — as in Michigan, California and others.

But gun stores aren’t crying about the numbers being slightly lower on Black Friday.  After all, this minor decline comes after eleven straight months of record breaking numbers of background checks.

So far in 2020, the FBI analysts have reported running  32.1 million checks — with just under a month still to go and the final result of the presidential election still hotly contested.

Gun owners might remember that the 32 million NICS checks doesn’t account for all guns sold, either.  Gun buyers who have a concealed carry permit have already passed a NICS check so the gun store can accept their concealed carry license instead of running a redundant background check.  Additionally, one check will allow a gun owner to buy several guns in the same purchase.

Who Are The Bitter Clingers, Again?

It seems like the anti-gun can’t let go of their hatred for guns, despite the fact that at least seven million Americans decided this year to buy their first gun.

Their relentless anti-gun propaganda in schools, the news, and the media haven’t worked.  But they’re still angry, clinging to their goal of banning and confiscating guns.  And that’s exactly what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said they will do.