Everytown Urges Joe Biden To Create Cabinet Position On Gun Control

Photo credit: Christopher Lee of the New York Times

Michael Bloomberg’s AstroTurf organizations are pushing Joe Biden to create a new position in his cabinet: National Director of Gun Violence Prevention.  No, this isn’t a satire article.

A leftist outlet reports on the origin of the idea:

March for Our Lives, the youth-led gun reform advocacy group founded by survivors of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, is recommending that Joe Biden be the first president to appoint a cabinet-level position dedicated to gun violence prevention.

Because of the existing government structure, the potential appointee would not technically be a cabinet secretary, but “cabinet-adjacent”: holding the same power but coordinating across agencies. The national director of gun violence prevention would work with and report directly to the president.

Once Bloomberg issued the marching orders to one of his front groups to ‘suggest’ such a thing, they all parroted it like it’s a great idea that arose organically in the minds of the average Joe American.

The article continues:

Other national advocacy groups have echoed the call. Brady: United Against Gun Violence is recommending the same position. “This degree of coordination and resource management cannot be accomplished without the guidance of a designated director,” it says in its action report. Similarly, Everytown for Gun Safety has called for a national gun czar, and Giffords for an interagency task force.

And what exactly would this national director do?

Well, they have a few ideas.  But a main one would be increasing the ‘research’ budget for the Centers for Disease Control — yes, that CDC — from $25,000 to $250,000.

And not just increase the CDC’s budget for studying the “epidemic” of gun violence ten times over, but do it fast so that Biden could ram through gun control based on his purchased “science.”

…and to do so early enough in the administration to create ample time to analyze the data and follow with action. …Actions to follow would ideally include addressing firearm suicides, strengthening licensing, and reinforcing the background check system, according to the organization’s press release.

Is ‘Gun Violence’ Really A Disease?

First of all, it’s laughable that the CDC thinks they can “study” gun violence like a disease.  Not only are they pretty awful at studying real, biological diseases — as we’ve seen in 2020 — but it’s literally impossible to study the ‘disease’ of gun violence.

After all, you can’t pick up the ‘disease’ of gun violence off a dirty public restroom door handle.  It’s not contagious, where you could accidentally infect your Grandma with the ‘disease’ of gun violence.

It’s no accident that Bloomberg’s groups want to give money to the CDC.  We reported earlier this year how instead of standing ready to diagnose, treat, and prevent contagious diseases, the CDC has spent years performing whatever song and dance the left requires in order to get more funding.

The CDC spent $106 million on a visitor’s center with Japanese gardens, they spent $200K on a new gym for staff, funded a transgender beauty pageant, and more.

Anti-gun data?  Coming right up!   How to cure the ‘contagious disease’ of obesity?  You’ve got it.  Insane pie-in-the-sky promises like curing cancer across the board?  Just say when!

This is nothing but a leftist tax-grab aimed at buying science that supports their gun control.