Congress Gives $25 Million to CDC to Produce Gun Control Research and Studies

On Monday, December 16th, lawmakers in Washington, DC made a spending deal that would allocate money for gun violence research.

The bill will face a vote on Tuesday.

It includes $25 million dollars for investigating and tracking gun violence.   Unsurprisingly, instead of an unbiased group of researchers, the money will be split between the Centers For Disease Control (the CDC) and the National institutes of Health (the NIH).

Both of these organizations are thoroughly and completely anti-gun.  So they’re going to take our tax dollars away from us by force to give to people who hate our gun rights to ‘research’ whether or not guns are safe.

Sounds legit.

The bill passed out of the Appropriations committee on Monday, but now faces the House and Senate and would need a signature from President Trump.  If the bill were to make it into law, this would be the first time the Federal Government has been allowed to do research on gun safety since 1996.

In 1996, Congress passed the Dickey Amendment to ban the CDC from using federal money to “advocate or promote gun control.”  The Dickey Amendment also took away previously allocated funding for the CDC to use in studying gun topics.

But…but…we’re trying to save lives!

A champion of the bill, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat from Connecticut was in favor of ending of the Dickey Amendment and allocating this new money.   She said that the funding would “help us better understand the correlation between domestic violence and gun violence, how Americans can more safely store guns and how we can intervene to reduce suicide by firearms.”

Sure.  The left is all about ‘saving lives’ until the real, unbiased data doesn’t point to what they think is the problem.   And they’re all about ‘finding solutions’ until the real data doesn’t point to the solution they like, either.  After all, they only like solutions that accumulate power in the hands of politicians.

Thanks to the exposure of #FakeNews, people can see many of these government bureaus and ‘think tanks’ for what they are.  They are often just extensions of the radical element of the Democratic party.

Their findings are so biased that most Americans don’t pay any attention to them.  Still, this proposal should face opposition.  It’s wrong to steal our tax dollars from our pockets to falsify data they’ll use to disarm us.

Those who want to believe Leftist ideas are often looking for justification. It does no good to give them ‘legitimate’ ammunition for the fight.

Pardon the pun, but this bill should be shot down.