Georgia Senate Candidate Rev. Warnock Often Sounded Off Against Guns In His Sermons

If you’re a politician who wants to say something nasty about guns in Georgia, make sure you church isn’t recording you and posting your comments online.  That’s a lesson that Democrat Senatorial candidate Reverend Ralph Warnock apparently hasn’t learned yet.

We reported last week when footage surfaced of an old sermon Rev. Raphael Warnock preached where he mocked the idea of carrying guns in church.

It turns out that Warnock has frequently used his pulpit to run down the Second Amendment and those who love it.

In this 2014 sermon, Warnock ‘called out’ politicians who are pro gun.’

“That’s why you go politicians who go to church every Sunday morning, and then walk into that capital, stand under that gold dome, and come up with the dumbest legislation you could ever imagine.  [They say] ‘What we need is more guns in more places by more people.’

Think about all of the crazy people you bump into just on the routine every week.  On your job, on your street, some of them in your church….imagine all these people with guns.  Then they come up with all of these clever names.  ‘Stand-Your-Ground.’  No, it’s not a Stand-Your-Ground law. It’s a ‘shoot-first’ law.  Shoot first, ask questions later.’

Warnock must have been on a an anti-gun kick in 2014 — and hadn’t yet decided that politics would be his field in the future.

He spent 2014 making lots of anti-gun statements — things that no Senate candidate in Georgia should say if they want to fool the voters into electing them!

Check out this 2014 sermon.  In this doozy,  Warnock labeled Georgia’s gun laws as being “some of the most lax” in the country.

“Just yesterday I testified before the State Legislators at the Georgia capital. Georgia has some of the most lax gun laws in the country. Georgia’s idea of gun control is whether you can hold your rifle straight. With all of the lax gun laws in Georgia, they’ve decided that they aren’t lax enough. We’ve got the fifth-highest population of uninsured individuals, and with all of the issues, we’re almost last in education, we haven’t figured out how to provide healthcare to all of these uninsured people, Governor will not expand Medicaid, and in the midst of all that’s going on I had to go to the capital yesterday because they’ve decided that what we really need is more guns, and more access to guns by more people in more places.”

For Georgia’s gun community, it couldn’t be more obvious that Warnock is anti-gun to the bone.

Patrick Parsons, Executive Director of Georgia Gun Owners — the states largest and nastiest gun group — didn’t pull any punches when referring to Warnock:

Patrick Parsons, Executive Director of Georgia Gun Owners, slammed Warnock when asked about his views on the second amendment.

“Warnock is the most radical anti-gunner ever on the ballot in Georgia history. Even more radical than his top supporter, Socialist Stacey Abrams. If he gets his way, Georgians can expect a tyrannical federal government gun control scheme hell-bent on banning, confiscating, and destroying their firearms. Warnock would be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Harris-Biden administration.”

As Goes Georgia…

Gun owners in Georgia — and around the country — are tuned into the two Georgia Senate runoff races that are set for January 5th in part because of it’s national repercussions.

If the two seats go to the Democrats, then the United States Senate would be in a dead tie — and the Vice President would get to submit the tie-breaking vote.  Needless to say, the left wants those two seats and they hope Kamala Harris will be that tie-breaker.