Viral Second Amendment Hero WINS BIG: Republican Becomes First Black Lieutenant Governor Of North Carolina

We reported earlier this year how Second Amendment viral sensation Mark Robinson had won the primary in his bid to become Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.  On Tuesday night, the staunch Republican clinched the deal, becoming the first black man in North Carolina history to hold the office.

Mark Robinson has any number of great qualities that make him fit for the job, but gun owners will remember him best for a video he posted in 2018 that went viral.  In the four minute video, Robinson drops the hammer on the Greensboro, NC City Council that was considering canceling a gun show that was to be held into a local city building.

Check out now-famous video here:

On his twitter feed, Robinson, describes himself as a “Conservative Pro Constitution, Anti-Socialist, Patriot.”

He vows on his campaign site to “fight for the life of the unborn, end indoctrination in schools, defend the 2nd Amendment, make NC the Gold standard for veterans care, and stand up for our law enforcement.”


Robinson ran against Democrat Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley and won 52%-48%.  Unlike Lewis, a 25 years as a state employee before being elected to four terms in the state House of Representatives, Robinson had no prior political experience.

An outsider who loves the Second Amendment.  It doesn’t get better than that!