Fresh Out Of Talking Points: Gun Rush 2020 Continues After Election — The Left Can’t Figure Out How To Convince People They Don’t Need Guns

Photo credit:  Cristobal Herrera / Sun Sentinel and Reuters

The announcement by the media last week that Joe Biden had won the presidency might have put leftists at east, but it certainly did the opposite for gun owners.

That’s why the days after the election saw another rush on guns and ammo purchases.  We reported how a gun store in Indiana sold 80,000 rounds in thirty minutes on election day. 

From all accounts, gun sales have continue to soar in the six days since the election on November 3rd.

Ideologically Bankrupt

The anti-gun left is fresh out of talking points.  After all, all their tried and true arguments have become a joke!

“Who needs a gun, just call the police?”  That’s so 2018.

“Only angry old white racists own guns.”  Gun sales to Black Americans are up 58% in 2020!

“We need more gun control!” Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago has single-handedly curb stomped that idea to death.

“Guns aren’t necessary in a safe place like America!”  Tell that to the innocent citizens who have to put up with rioting, burning and looting with the approval of the left!

So what do they do now?  A leftist reporter in Austin, TX bemoaned the rise of gun purchases after the election.

Check out his comments:

“You have a lot of people who are desperate to feel better, desperate to feel safe in some way,” [Texas Gun Sense] Board President Ed Scruggs said. “So they are reaching out for a firearm. There’s no evidence, first of all, that that’s going to work. I think it’s indicative of the level of anxiousness out there.”

Scruggs said his organization hopes people considering a firearm purchase ask themselves a few key questions.

“Why am I buying this? Am I buying this because it makes me feel better right now, or because I really have a use for it?” he said. “Do you know how to handle it? Can you handle the responsibility to keep it safely stored all the time?”

He went on, “It’s not just something to do haphazardly.”

Nothing To Bring To The Table

Do you see that garbage?

The radical left can’t keep American citizens safe — because  they don’t even want to!   Marxism teaches that social unrest and instability are good th because they help topple the status quo and will usher in a new era of leftist ideas.  They want the chaos Americans have watched tearing apart their cities all summer!

The anti-gun crowd can’t keep people safe, they’ve destroyed their own arguments against gun control and now the only thing they have left: social shaming.

‘You ought to be ashamed for wanting to defend yourself and your family from violent, destructive rioters!  You ought to stop being worried about the food supply!  Are you sure you can handle the responsibility of owning a gun?!  Do you even know what you’re doing?!’

Comments akin to crazy Aunt Susan, shaming everybody at Thanksgiving Dinner who isn’t as miserable, afraid, and helpless as she has made herself.

The left is out of ideas.  Bankrupt.  Kaput.

Unfortunately, the right is not far behind.  For decades they’ve compromised with the left, made friends and made deals, and carried water for the media.

They played along with the left, pretending that the reality the leftist media projected was anything but a flimsy lie.

Gun owners, gun organizations, and gun legislators need to wake up and put the FIGHT back in gun politics.  It’s going to be a knock down, drag out brawl.