Virginia: Democrat Legislator Says That New Background Check Law Increased Number of Background Checks, Ignores Record High Gun Sales


Richmond, VA — It’s an old joke in the gun world to point out the ignorance of the anti-gun crowd regarding guns and gun laws.  They seem to think you can just walk in Wal-Mart and grab an AR-15 while you’re getting eggs and milk.

If only!

But the anti-gun left demonstrated their ignorance again this week when Democrat legislator, Delegate Mike Mullin made comments on their Virginia’s newly enacted Universal Background Check law.

The law only went into effect on July 1st, but Mullin seems to think that the rise in background checks show that the new law responsible for the staggering rise in NICS checks!  He said as much in an article in Virginia-based Courthouse News:

Numbers from the state show 20,000 more background checks last month compared to the year before – 38,256 checks in August 2019 versus 58,902 in August 2020.

In a phone interview, Delegate Mike Mullin, D-Newport News, said the increase in background checks show the law is working.

“We’ve had a huge loophole here in Virginia for way too long and we’re finally able to make sure people who shouldn’t be buying guns aren’t,” he said.

This guy is so out of touch that he thinks that 20,000 PRIVATE SALE gun owners complied with their new law in the first forty-five days or so.


What does genius legislator Mullin have to say about the fact that the number of background checks was also higher in January, February, March, April, May and June — long before his new law?

Nothing.  Likely as not, Mullin is one of those Democrats who didn’t know that there were already background checks in place for purchasing a gun at any gun store or online.

Ignorant Or Misleading?

In reality, Mike Mullin is a radical leftist who hates gun owners and their rights. Is this really a mistake of ignorance — not a stretch to imagine — or is Mullin just banking on the ignorance of the voters he’s pandering to?

When he’s not being endorsed by the LGBT+ of Virginia — the people who like seeing men wearing makeup and fake breasts roll around on library floors with children — or standing proudly with Planned Parenthood — the people who have no objection to murdering children in the womb — he’s busy crowing about the imaginary children he’s saving from law-abiding gun owners.


The left’s use of children in the gun control discussion is a tired old horse that’s been beaten to death.  But Mullin is another example of how the left doesn’t really care about kids.

If they did, they would stop murdering them in the womb and stop encouraging the violence in our city streets that’s seen over 100 children shot in Philadelphia alone this year.

This sort of leftist stands against everything that made America great.