Richmond, VA Passes Broadly Worded Bill Banning Guns In Public — No More Lobby Day Rallies

Richmond, VA — For gun owners who attended Lobby Day in January of 2020, it was an historic day in more ways than they realized at the time.  Effective immediately, gun owners will no longer be legally allowed to carry weapons in public places where permitted events are taking place.

The exact wording is: “in any public street, road, alley, sidewalk, public right-of-way or any open public space when it is being used by, or is adjacent to, an event that requires a city permit.”

And of course, large gatherings require a permit.  Lobby Day and Second Amendment rallies where free, law-abiding citizens carry their guns are now banned.

This new city regulation was the brain child of Mayor Levar Stoney.  We reported several weeks ago how Stoney had proposed these ‘rolling gun bans’ that would leave gun owners unsure of when and where they could carry in the city.

After all, what if you’re driving along the street and you just happen to be “adjacent” to a permitted event of some kind?  It wouldn’t even have to be a Second Amendment event.

It could be a Black Lives Matter rally where peaceful protestors attempt to topple the statue of Robert E. Lee in the capital square.  It could be a farmer’s market. It could be a craft fair. Who knows?

But Levar Stoney didn’t like the embarrassment he faced in January — when 20,000+ gun owners had to clean up his city for him — and wanted to show the new Democrat majority in Richmond that he could take orders like a good leftist soldier.

Vague Language Gets Even Worse For Gun Owners

In addition to the whole ‘adjacent to” problem, the language of the bill is also confusing as that would apply to people who live adjacent to these protests.

Are they in violation of the law simply having a gun in their home?  The Police Chief Gerald Smith initially said they would be exempted, but one city councilwoman objected.

During the meeting, Police Chief Gerald Smith said private gun-owning citizens who have homes where protests are taking place outside of would be exempt from the ordinance, but 2nd District council member Kim Gray says the law the language of the law doesn’t specifically say that.

“The actual language of the law does not provide an exemption so if I’m stepping on to the sidewalk to get into my car, then I’m potentially in violation of that rule if there is a protest adjacent to that public right of way,” said Gray. “I think the real answers in that prevention lie in leveraging our community leaders.”

Like all leftist ideas, this one is half baked and will have untold problems in enforcement.  But of course, leftist media in Richmond cheers it like it’s a great victory against gun violence.

What a joke the news media has become.

They Want This In YOUR Town

Mike Bloomberg has committed $60 million dollars to the 2020 election in hopes of flipping as many intentionally targeted states blue as possible.

The minute the anti-gun crowedhave a majority, they’re going to ram down any and all gun control they can.  And once they’ve given radical mayors like Levar Stoney political cover, you’ll see them advancing these laws in cities all across the country.

It’s time to turn the tide.  Stand up and get involved.  It’s more than voting that’s needed!