A Tale of Two Rallies: Richmond Left Spotless by 22,000 Gun Owners

Richmond, VA–Not twenty-four hours after nearly 25,000 people crowded the downtown area of Richmond, local residents are singing their praises.

Instead of leaving trash and a mess in their wake, many people think the downtown area is cleaner than before the gun owners assembled.

Richmond resident Jack Hamilton had nothing but good things to say of the crowd.  This was the same same ‘potentially dangerous mob’ that the left intoned could destroy their city.  “They picked everything up and made it look nice.  It was really good for them to do that and it looks a lot better and good job.”

One pro-gun advocate, Matthew Keisling, brought his own black trash bags just to clean up any loose trash.  He said, “I’ve been in the area when there have been other protests and demonstrations and people leave a lot of trash behind and it waters down the message.” Keisling said.

These pictures are of the capital lawn this morning, the day after the rally:

Or here, a few trash bags near the trash can on an otherwise clean street.

Check out this video of pro-gun protestors calling for trash to be picked up as a ‘Birthday present for Ralph Northam.’


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This might not surprise anybody else, but let’s just compare and contrast this for a second.

The mayor of Richmond didn’t need to withdraw police and give the mob ‘space to destroy.’

No cars tossed, no plate glass windows broken.  No stores robbed by a rush mob.

In fact, there’s hardly even any litter on the ground!

Let’s compare that to the scene of the 2018 March for Our Lives in Washington, DC.

And more…

Most of the crowds in both Washington, DC and in Richmond weren’t native to the cities so that’s not the difference.

Maybe when you’re being paid to show up at the rally like the March For Our Lives ‘volunteers’ getting a check from Bloomberg, you don’t care about taking your sign home?

Or fundamentally, the radical left doesn’t really care about the environment, or babies’ quality of life or about gun safety.  They just use those talking points to shove their anti-gun, anti-life, anti-freedom agenda down our throats.

This rally showed the essential difference in character between the two sides.  One side is for decency, preservation of the achievements of the past, personal responsibility, and liberty.  The radical left side is for the nanny state. They want irresponsibility at any price, the destruction of the past, and change just for the sake of revolution–which is seen as a good end in itself to the Marxist crowd.

No thanks.  We’ll pick up our own trash and defend our families with our own guns.